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PC Matic Vs Kaspersky: Which Internet Security And Antivirus Is The Best?

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Let`s face the hard fact, we are not yet any closer to dealing with hackers and cyber-criminals that have plagued the internet. So, it is prudent enough to make sure that your computer and mobile devices get the protection of the best anti-virus.

The creators of viruses and malware are working hard to establish new and easier ways to get entry to your internet and PC. It is very important that you have the best antivirus to counter any kind of illegal access to your devices.

There are many antivirus programs out there that you could be familiar with. Today we are going to give a close emphasis on PC Matic and Kaspersky to find out which is the perfect antivirus.

PC Matic vs Kaspersky

PC Matic

PC Matic is not just reduced to antivirus but also a combination of optimization tools that can boost the system performance much more significantly. Despite the whitelisting being impressive, there are some flaws that have been associated with it. For instance, it constantly blocks programs and legit apps thereby creating frustration to its users.

The excellent news about this is the addition of android support which implies that the device can also be used for your mobile phone. The scans take longer, while it also has unfriendly support and neither quick to give responses.


Kaspersky anti-virus is a security package that puts focus on the important security essentials such as; removing threats, blocking dangerous URLs, smart monitoring, reversing malicious actions and making engine detects. This is one of the best security tools and is relatively easier to use.

What you get works perfectly. Kaspersky is the best in blocking and removing malware from an infected system. It is easy to use this program. It is well designed with buttons and options that are not basic and neither complicated because there are on-screen instructions to help in explaining everything. This can be easy even for a beginner!

You can also check more about the two antivirus programs on this detailed PC Matic vs Kaspersky comparison article.


PC Matic is seen to be an affordable and quality antivirus with the ability to protect at least five devices. It has optimization keys that boost the performance of the system. PC Matic gives a 30-day money-back guarantee, on top of a lifetime subscription. It is known for blocking programs and legit apps.

Kaspersky on the flip side is a perfect antivirus tool that has tested excellent at various independent antivirus labs in protecting against malware and virus. The full scan of Kaspersky on your device’s system is fast enough. It is equipped with a very user-friendly interface; it is able to monitor links before access by the user.

Features Similarity

  • The two antiviruses Kaspersky and PC Matic have Anti-worm.
  • The two products have anti Trojan
  • There is the feature of anti-spyware for both.
  • They both have anti-root-kit
  • They have anti-phishing.

Features Differences

  • Only Kaspersky has anti-spam.
  • According to the ease of use, Kaspersky is the best at 5/5 while PC Matic is 4/5
  • Only Kaspersky has parental control.
  • Kaspersky has a VPN service.
  • Kaspersky has a game mode
  • PC Matic has smartphone optimizer.
  • Kaspersky has phone support while PC Matic has an email support
  • Kaspersky is the better option


PC Matic can protect more than five devices, and it is a combination of optimization tools for boosting the system. It has an automated PC maintenance, whitelist based anti-malware protection, in-built AdBlocker, and a low system impact. PC Matic, unlike the other antiviruses, runs a full scan instead of dealing with the particular issue. It does performance tweaks, obvious malicious detection, and complete disk fragmentation. Attention is given to security, stability, and performance.

Kaspersky is a very trusted brand with offering all kinds of protection against malicious software. It does a check on all files in four modules; file antivirus, mail antivirus, web antivirus and launched and saved files. It is also important in protection against malware, phishing detection, and ransomware detection.

Security Similarities

  • They both have real-time antivirus.
  • They all do Manual virus scanning.
  • Both have registry startup scan
  • They contain auto virus scanning
  • Both have scheduled scan feature

Security Differences

  • Kaspersky has a USB virus scan
  • Kaspersky has email protection.
  • The feature of a personal firewall is present in Kaspersky
  • Kaspersky has a safe browser
  • PC Matic has Adware prevention
  • In terms of security, Kaspersky is better.


Compatibility is very important when analyzing any anti-virus programs since some are not compatible with certain devices.

PC Matic is compatible with Windows and Android only. On the other hand, Kaspersky is compatible with all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linus.

In view of that, the PC Matic as seen is only compatible with two devices while Kaspersky is compatible with all the devices making it the best.


The starting price for PC Matic is $50 while Kaspersky retails at $29.99. Only Kaspersky has a discount rate of 50% while the other one does not have a discount rate. However, the two antiviruses have a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

In terms of pricing, Kaspersky is still way ahead.


In the review, it is very clear that Kaspersky has gone beyond PC Matic in the functionalities. Kaspersky is a better product due to its simple interface, completes a full scan at a good speed, monitors internet links, protects against virus and malware has an anti-spam that stops unnecessary stuff and it also has anti phishing.

It is important to choose very carefully when purchasing an anti-virus, always make a point of finding an appropriate antivirus that will work well for you.