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PBR’s New Whiskey Is Coming Sooner Than You Think


  Pabst Blue Ribbon—the gritty all-American brewing company known for its loyal, cult-like following—is about to cross over into the hard liquor market. With the help of Michigan-based Distillery New Holland, PBR is prepping for a whiskey launch. According to MiBiz, the brands received federal label approval for the project last month, and while information on the release remains scarce, it’s happening.

New Holland Brewing President Brett VanderKamp and Pabst spokesperson Alastair Duncan both acknowledged the collaboration but remained mum on the specifics. “We are just not quite ready yet as several details [are] still up in the air,” Duncan told MiBiz, before admitting the project is “quite a big thing.” While the suspense is *killing* us, a long wait isn’t likely. According to the site, Vanderkamp submitted the label for approval back in December—a process which typically happens mere months before a product debut.

PBR’s relationship with New Holland began in 2016 after the pair reportedly signed a deal that would allow Pabst to sell their beer. The move, which became effective in early 2017, expanded New Holland’s distribution footprint.

Delish, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 25, 2019


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