PB Billionaire Charles Dean Metropoulos Interested in Marlins; Bad News for Jeb and Jeter!

Charles Dean Metropoulos
Charles Dean Metropoulos, the king of Twinkies wants to get his hands on the Marlins (via Alchetron)

There’s trouble afoot for Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush in their bid to buy the Marlins, and it’s trouble of the deep-pocketed variety.

Palm Beach billionaire Charles Dean Metropoulos, the Twinkie-tycoon with a buyout firm in control of Hostess Brands, who has a $7.5 million pad on Chilean Avenue, is looking seriously at the Marlins with an eye toward purchase, an involved source has said.

Metropoulos—with a net worth of $2.4 billion according to Forbes—certainly has sufficient wealth to be a contender in the process, and has reportedly been interested in buying a sports team for his sons Evan and Daren.

Bush—who seems to be making a habit of underestimating his competition—rebuffed Metropoulos when the billionaire approached him recently at The Breakers about making a joint offer on the team, casting his lot instead with Jeter.

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