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Parenting Tips – Use Songs to Bond with Your Baby! (Video)


Have you ever noticed how babies react to songs? They often become quiet and listen to their parents sing. This is a universal rule for all babies across the world.

Child experts say babies are born with a natural love for music. The first sound they hear just before they are born is their mother’s rhythmic heartbeat in the womb. Babies can also hear their parents’ voices when they are inside the womb. This is why when they come into this world, they are able to identify familiar voices of their parents.

Experts say that songs are the first lesson that you can gift your baby. Your baby is musically inclined and beginning its life with baby songs can go a very long way in his/her social and emotional development with success.

How do you introduce songs to your baby?

Child experts provide you with the following tips when it comes to introducing your baby to the positive effects of baby songs-

  1. Sing to your baby as much as possible- Child experts say you should sing to your baby as much as you can. Babies are scared of the new world they come into, and so they search for a comforting and safe presence. The more you sing to your baby, they feel secure. Your voice is the first voice they hear and know when they enter the world. Since, they do not understand language, songs for babies that are short and simple play a vital role in helping them feel comforted when they are in need of protection and care.
  1. Create a routine for your baby with songs- Babies are very fond of routine with daily activities like waking up, bathing, eating, etc. They dislike sudden changes in their routine as they feel scared of the unknown. Songs can help them with the transition from one activity to another. As a parent, you can play a baby song for eating, bathing, and sleeping. Once they hear the song, they will start to identify it with the routine and activity for change.
  1. Play recorded songs- Babies should always listen to your voice over a recorded song on a CD player. A baby does not mind the way you sing. So, if you are not a good singer, you do not have to be conscious at all as your little one does not mind. The more you sing to him/her the merrier, he/she will be. Recorded songs for babies on CDs do not have the same positive impact as your own voice when it comes to the social and emotional development of your baby.

Baby songs not only make your baby secure and calm; they keep your little angel entertained and joyful as well. Sing as often as you can to create a strong bond of love and trust in the process with success!