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Our Total Gym Fit Review

Image: Total Gym Fit

The Total Gym Fit was brought into the market in 2017 and has become a favorite for many home gym users. Like all of the other models in Total Gym’s line, the Total Gym Fit is a gravity gym, which uses your bodyweight along with gravity’s pull to create resistance and intensity.

One of the best features this company has made available is the ability to get in a great workout while at the same time having a low impact on your joints and muscles. This model comes with 12 different resistance levels and allows you to perform over 85 different exercises that increase your cardio health, flexibility, muscle growth, and fitness level. To say this trainer is versatile is an understatement!

The company behind the Fit, Total Gym, originally came onto the market as fitness equipment for rehabilitation centers, focusing on people with chronic pain and injuries. Their equipment performed very well and gained a cult following, which then gave them the leverage to step into the home gym equipment space, no longer limiting themselves to just rehab clinics. Their models have been made with low impact properties since the beginning of their time and still carry that benefit to this day.

We Rate the Total Gym Fit 4/5 stars

This moderately-priced home gym machine allows you to target every major muscle group including the upper and lower body, and gives you the power to create a different variation of your workout every day. Over 85 different exercises are at your fingertips, including the major muscle builders like squats, pull-ups, leg presses, and much more.

Are you into cross-training? Cross-training refers to the combination of both strength training and cardio, which is great for burning fat and losing weight while at the same time saving your joints. Strength-training with the use of your body weight is better for the health of your body, joints, and muscles, while still allowing you to get in a tough sweat session and strength builder. Whether you’re looking for a high-intensity training session or a slow but steady rehab workout, the Fit makes it all possible.

Just like its counterparts in Total Gym’s lineup, the Fit model comes already assembled, all you need to do is pull it out of the box and select your resistance level. The main part of the machine is a padded glide board and comes with other accessories and attachments. The workouts performed are smooth and seamless with this setup.

Some Pros of the Fit:

  • 12 different resistance levels with the use of your body weight to increase/decrease
  • Machine weight of 66 lbs
  • Comes with 7 different workout DVDs and a printed chart explaining the movements
  • Low-impact tendencies
  • Comes with a nutrition program made by a professional fitness coach
  • Over 85 different exercises
  • 450 lb weight capacity
  • Free trial and money-back guarantee
  • Great reviews by customers!

Cons of the Fit:

  • Need access to a DVD player to watch the videos
  • Short warranty for the price tag

The Workout DVDs Explained

Seven different exercise DVDs are included in your purchase. They are:

  • The Start it Up: A guide through your new machine
  • Beginner: A program for those who want to burn fat, build strength, and exert energy for better health
  • Intermediate: Intermediate level strength training to build muscle and burn fat
  • Advanced: five-day workout program for upper and lower body training
  • Beginner Express: A short training session for when you just don’t have enough time for a full session.
  • 6-8 min Workout: 12 different routines for a day with not much time to spare
  • AbCrunch: Using the AbCrunch accessory, this exercise DVD helps to target your abs and posture

Along with the numerous workout DVDs, the Fit comes with a detailed chart instructing how to do 35 different exercises that the machine can perform. The training deck is the same as the wall chart but is in the form of a deck of cards. The machine has a card-holder specifically for these!

The FIT home gym also arrives with an illustrated wall chart with instructions for 35 different exercises that can be done with the machine.

Along with those, you also get a nutrition and meal plan program which was designed by Dan Isaacson, a well-known personal trainer for all of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He was a big hand in creating the Total Gym models.


Total Gym is a reputable, well-known fitness equipment brand that succeeded in making another loved-product known as the Fit. The value for price in this model is comparable to few and is works for both expert-level trainers to those first starting out or dealing with an injury.

To learn more about their other models and their differences, head on over to the Total Gym website where you can view them side by side and compare. Make sure to always do your research before making a big purchase decision in the home gym equipment space because most models are costly.