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Options for Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment in South Florida


Drug addiction is never easy to get over. It is often incredibly difficult to become sober after you have become addicted to substances. Whatever your primary substance is, you need the best treatment that you can get to stay sober.

While there are a variety of treatment options available to you, taking a look at the nuances of drug rehab centers will help you find the right facility. Whether you’re dealing with a dual diagnosis or want to pay extra for a serene environment in luxury rehab, there are many options in South Florida for getting help in Hillsborough County for drugs.

Residential Rehabs

One of the most common types of rehab facilities is the residential setting. At these locations, you’ll live in a house or a similar property with other people who are going through similar problems. Together you will have group meetings while receiving assistance from personal counselors. Residential rehabs typically use the 12-step program. With the program, you’ll have guidance.

You can get a sponsor. You will have support. While the 12-step program encourages the belief in a higher power, you don’t have to conform to this. However, if your belief in God is important to you, there are other rehabs that go further and incorporate religion into the rehab experience.

Religious Rehabs

Some rehab centers use religion to help their patients in the process. If they utilize the 12-step program and a psychological take on drug addiction as a mental health issue, including faith into the equation, can be beneficial to patients. When you or your loved one want to go to an addiction treatment program that acknowledges your religious beliefs, there are options for this. Whatever your faith, there are specialized drug rehab clinics for you and your situation.

Holistic Rehabs

On the other hand, holistic rehabs are addiction treatment centers that take into account holistic measures for the process of healing. These can include meditation, yoga, mindfulness training, healthy food, natural remedies, and more. There have been proven benefits of meditation during addiction recovery. With mindfulness training, they will cut down on the anxiety and stress that people feel when they are going through treatment. Holistic rehabs can be very helpful to create a different sense of spirituality during recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Rehabs

One of the most important facets of addiction recovery is dual diagnosis treatment, which takes place in a mental health facility. A dual diagnosis is when someone is suffering with both an addiction and an underlying mental health illness. Often people use drugs or alcohol to cover up the deeper psychological issue. When someone has both a substance abuse problem and an issue with mental health, they need to be treated comprehensively to create a happy and healthy life.

The 12-Step Program

Whatever type of rehab you choose to attend, it is important that they recognize the success of the 12-step program. Commonly known as Alcoholics (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), this program is the most successful type of addiction recovery program. While it doesn’t have to be followed exactly to work, the drug rehab center you go to should use the program as the basis for their treatment.

This is the most effective when combined with modern psychological treatment like counseling, talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR. The other issues that have led to addiction must be acknowledged and worked on in order for the person to stay sober. Group meetings are essential. Getting a sponsor is important. With a community to help you along and empathize with you, you’ll have a better chance at staying sober.

Are you going through the perils of substance abuse? Do you need help but don’t know where to start? There are many options for drug rehab recovery, but don’t get paralyzed by this. While it depends on what you want and need, the large variety of drug rehab centers available to you in South Florida will be able to help you.

Whether you need a holistic approach, a dual diagnosis approach, a religious approach, or a community residential approach, there is the right drug rehab center for you and your situation. What are you waiting for? Time to get started today by calling a rehab facility you want to attend.




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