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Online Or Traditional Food Ordering. Which Form Do Restaurants Prefer?


Depending on customers’ preferences, food can be ordered from the restaurant in two ways – personally or remotely. In many cases, the second form is more convenient, but everything really depends on the situation. How do restaurants see it? Which way is preferred by the kitchen and causes fewer problems?

Differences between placing orders online and in-person

The activity of restaurants and other gastronomic facilities is based on offering the best, most delicious and fresh meals. Usually, it does not matter what kind of cuisine is served.

The very aspect of serving meals at a high level in terms of quality is actually only one element of the restaurant’s activity. There is much more to do if we look at it from the point of view of cooks, waiters or managers.

There are several fundamental differences between placing orders online and in-person. First of all, there is the need to hire a driver.  Establishments that use the Restaurant Ordering System have the possibility to obtain all the required information in one place.

Online food ordering – advantages and disadvantages for restaurants

Deciding to deliver the meals ordered by the customers, the restaurants undoubtedly increase their capacity to generate higher revenues. Nowadays, such a method is being chosen by an increasing number of people, therefore restaurants should be very keen on perfecting this aspect.

When looking for disadvantages that restaurants may experience when ordering food online, you should undoubtedly indicate the problem with the Internet connection and the possibility of equipment failure. Another disadvantage of the remote form of ordering food may be that the customers enter their order data incorrectly, which results in the necessity of direct contact with the person placing the order or – in worse cases – failure to deliver the dish due to the wrong delivery address.

Ordering food at the restaurant – advantages and disadvantages

The traditional form of placing an order, i.e. visiting the restaurant in person, is the form that really started the operation of the restaurants. From the very beginning of the existence of the restaurants, such a way of specifying the dishes the customers want to eat was a common practice.

And even though the technological progress since then has been significant, it is still not surprising. A big advantage, in this case, is the possibility for the waiter to get all the information from the customer about potentially excluding the items in the food (e.g. in case of lactose intolerance) or additional requests.

It is difficult to find flaws in ordering food by customers in the restaurant. Among them we can mention a different approach of the restaurant guests to the waiters, especially when they have to wait a little longer for a meal or a possible crowd of duties, resulting from a large number of orders and, consequently, leading to an increased probability of a mistake.