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Online Gambling Industry Experienced Huge Growth During Pandemic, and Will Continue to Boom


During the pandemic and the response with a lockdown, physical gambling establishments went through a stillness that affected the business while online gambling flourished.

The online gambling industry experienced tremendous worldwide growth during the pandemic; an example is Global Poker which estimates that the poker industry grew by 43% between April and October of 2021.

Research by Facts and Factors estimated that the online gambling and betting market worldwide was totaled to be at about US$50 billion in 2019 and is predicted to grow to US$100 billion in a few years.

The closure of onsite casinos led to the reliance of gamblers on online gambling, which continues to spread worldwide.

Australia wasn’t left behind as gamblers in Australia joined the trend of gambling through online platforms. Gamblers Daily Digest reported that 8% of Australians use online platforms in gambling, and these 8% constitute 5% of the global online gamblers.

According to research, major companies started offering different services in online payment for deposit and withdrawal of funds. The methods make it easier for users to pay online such as Paypal casino, Visa casino, and Zimpler which help the users because they are fast, easy, and safe.

These services have initiated drastic expansion and future growth in online gambling and the betting market

These services also offer safety and animosity when it comes to transactions which improve the customer experience.

What Triggered the Growth in Playing Pokies Online?

An average Australian gambler will go for Pokies (Slots) as a preferred game choice over other available options. Annually, $11 billion is spent on a machine which, of course, is one of the reasons online pokies were given so much attention.

Stress relief is the second reason for the interest in online pokies. It was reported that 29% of Pokies Players Poll on Australian gambling by Pokies Bet agreed it was for entertainment, fun, and enjoyment.

Then there’s the gambling reason, 51% of Pokies players reported that their main reason for playing pokies online was to win money, and 20% claimed it was for the bonuses and promotion.

All these reasons became triggers that caused an immense growth in playing Pokies Online as the pandemic grew.

Another attribute to the rising interest in online Pokies is the increase in the availability of mobile platforms and faster internet speed.

In 2019, the mobile category generated around USD 23 billion in revenue, and it is projected to grow even more.

What Did Pokies Players experience in Online Pokies that boosted its growth?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, several Pokies players agreed that game selection was one of the critical features that had them playing continuously.

Another experience is the Bonuses. Pokies websites use bonus features to attract players, such as first-deposit promotion, bonuses that double their initial investments, and chances for bigger winnings.

25% of respondents to the Pokies Players Poll agreed that bonuses attracted them to certain gambling websites.

Banking, user support, winnings, and user experience are features of Online Pokies that contributed to its massive boost during the pandemic. It is expected to thrive and expand in the upcoming years.

Half of the respondents to the Pokies poll agreed that the banking system is their main concern in selecting an online casino. Although the online gambling laws in Australia are not definite and are likely to change, some banks allow direct depositing to gambling websites either by debit or credit cards.

Third-party e-wallet websites are also allowed to store banking credentials. The use of PayPal casino, visa casino, and Zimpler by major online gaming companies as payment options could also be responsible for the growth of the online poker industry.

Effect of the Pandemic on Pokies Industry

From a pandemic to the lockdown and eventually, the halt to all activities, including recreational activities such as gambling, finding an option to ease boredom, stress, and distraction became an emergency.

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the growth of some industries. Even if the immediate impact of the outbreak varies from industry, the Pokies industry had a breakthrough.

As specific industries registered a drop in demand, the possibility of others remaining unscathed with promising growth opportunities remains possible, as seen in the technology industry.

COVID-19 impact on the casinos and gambling market was more positive than negative, and the market growth in 2025 is likely to increase compared to the market growth in 2020.

As the pandemic’s effect began to affect Casinos in Australia and other gambling options like the closure of bingo halls, race tracks, and lottery games, online platforms became the turning point for Australian gamblers.

An analysis published in May 2020 by the Australian Institute of Criminology featured an in-depth on the effect of the pandemic on Casinos.

The research included a report on AlphaBeta, which recorded a 67% increase in Australian consumer transactions compared to the past months following its immediate physical lockdown.

As the pandemic and its lockdown continued for longer, financial concerns set in as online players declined and numerous players could not continue funding their online poker games.

As the economy began to find a balance through the pandemic, the number of online Pokies players in the Pokies industry went on an increase that will continue to expand in years to come.

What is Projected Growth in the Pokies Industry?

Beyond the effect of the pandemic, the online pokies industry is expected to thrive and expand in the upcoming years. Why? Because online gaming is one of the fastest-growing segments and Pokies being a part of the online gaming sector is an unstoppable growth.

A prediction by the European Business Review entails that the Australian gaming industry, which includes both casinos and online casinos, will eventually reach its maximum potential by 2025.

Although the possibility of this prediction being affected by unforeseeable circumstances as another pandemic and an alteration to the gambling legislation throw off these projections.


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