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Online Divorce – Why Do People Choose It?

With the vast development of online services, people discovered new more beneficial ways to handle various life processes including divorce. It is becoming more popular to get divorced online and cover the procedure without extra waste of time, money and efforts. There are multiple online divorce services that offer from separate services such as providing you with documents needed to file for divorce up to assistance within the whole process including specialists to help you recover after the divorce.

With all its privileges online divorce is not the solution for all cases, especially complicated ones. In such a situation, when your life truly depends on the outcomes, you’d better choose a more expensive and longer way with professional assistance to get the best out of it.

To Save Money

Usually, people, who are looking for a cheap divorce due to financial hurdles or other reasons are advised to get a legal divorce online. Comparing to other ways of getting divorced, online services is one of the cheapest ways to end up your marriage.

Family law attorneys and other specialists usually charge by the hour. An average hourly fee range from several hundred dollars and over $500. Add phone calls, paperwork, filing fees, extra expenses and you will end up spending thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, an online divorce platform will cover your divorce issues for just several hundred, not including filing fees. The cost may be increased up to a thousand or a thousand and a half, depending on a services package you need and a complicatedness of your case. So, when any advert of cheap services catches your interest, care to ask the cost of services for your case.

To Save Time

The evolution of machine services has proven that some issues are solved faster when more automatized processes are included. The same thing goes with the online divorce.

Being handled by a divorce attorney your divorce procedure may be significantly prolonged. Starting with the point that you are not the only client of your attorney and you have to follow his schedule but not vice versa up to various human factors that will create delays, your divorce may take up to a year of your life. It means increased expenses, waste of time and health, constant stress, and paused life processes for a year.

Compared to this, online services exclude such delays. All documentation process depends on you personally. It means the faster you fill out the forms the faster the process will move to the next stage. All processes handled by online services are performed straightly without obstructions. The only moment when you may wait is court procedures.

To Avoid Your Partner

When you don’t get along with your soon-to-be-ex, the less you face each other the better the divorce process may pass. This is one of the top privileges of online divorce services.

You will fill out the papers online, communicate with your partner via email and exchange the documents there, discuss the details and special features online and cope with the issue faster than arguing at real-life meetings. You can even avoid the personal presence at the court using online services or phone mode. It will significantly decrease the stress level and tension of the divorce process.

To Control the Process

Do it yourself divorce forms have a vivid benefit over documents preparation together with divorce attorney. When you cooperate with the online services, you are the boss of the situation, you control and direct the process, using professional advice from divorce platform staff.


Having multiple privileges online divorce is not the solution for every single divorce case and it doesn’t give the same results every time.

  • It is not suitable for everyone – online divorce services are advisable for simple divorce cases when divorce is uncontested and there are simply no details to argue about. But when it comes to custody or property and debts division it is simply not possible to proceed without attorney’s advice, unless you don’t care about the outcomes.
  • There are a lot of scam websites – like with many different services on the Internet, there are many scams of divorce platforms. So, double-check the information, read the comments and feedback on different sources and don’t hurry with payments for services you haven’t receive yet.
  • There is usually no attorney on the other side – online platforms have a well-trained staff, but there are usually no professional attorneys among them, usually only paralegals. So, even if you get advice from the online support team, it will be half as useful as the real-life consultation of a divorce attorney.
  • Law nuances are not considered – divorce law is not so different in different states and peculiarities in the documentation are taken into account, that is why there is nothing to fear about. Yet, if your case is a difficult or somehow special one, there are a lot of law nuances that are significant in certain states and only a local attorney can help you with them.

Having all peculiarities of online divorce services laid out for you, you can make the right decision either it is appropriate for your case or not. Set your priorities, don’t miss the details and make the right choice to get a successful divorce and a happy life after.