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Oh No! Crayola Retiring ONE Crayon Friday (Video)

Image: Crayola.com

Crayola is ditching one crayon color. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

From its earliest days, Crayola has been a color company.  During the last 100-plus years, Crayola has grown beyond our founders’ wildest dreams.  By applying technical innovation, unparalleled quality, consumer satisfaction and product value, Crayola has become the preeminent producer of hands-on products for creative personal development and fun.

B U T … we’ll have to wait to find out which color.

On Friday, National Crayon Day, Crayola will retire one of its beloved colors from its iconic Crayon portfolio!! RSVP to our live stream event on 3/31 to find out #WhosLeaving! Signup for the National Crayon Day Live Stream Announcement on Facebook HERE.

What color do you want to see leave? Place your choice in the comments section.

To download the History of Crayola Timeline, please click here.

You can view a brief history of Crayola Crayons:

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