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Noor Zahi Salman, Omar Mateen’s, Wife KNEW!

Not your average family: Noor Zahi Salman, left, said she knew of her husband Omar Mateen’s intentions to shoot up a gay nightclub in Orlando. Shown with their three-year-old son (via Facebook)

Noor Zahi Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, has reportedly told authorities she knew her husband’s intentions before his bloody massacre in Orlando, she was with him when he bought ammunition and she’d even driven him to Pulse nightclub and Disney World “because he wanted to scope them out.”

It is another unbelievable twist to worst mass shooting in U.S. history that killed 49 and left 53 injured at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Salman, 30, is currently cooperating with investigators, but she may face charges for failing to report Mateen’s intentions, according to an NBC News report.

Salman and Mateen have a three-year-old son together and Salman has said in April the family visited Orlando, specifically “scouting Downtown Disney and Pulse for attacks,” according to People.com.

Salman said to she tried to talk her husband out of the attack, though she didn’t alert authorities.

She has been married to the previously divorced Mateen for at least three years and shared a home with him at Woodland Condominium Complex in Fort Pierce.

The press is currently gathered at her extended family member’s house at 1301 West Midway Road in Fort Pierce, where they’ve been told somebody will soon be arrested.

Salman owned a salon on West Midway Road, called Beauty By Nature. it’s since been shuttered, though we’re told she continued to do hair for weddings.

She was seen last night getting her belongings out of the apartment she shared with Mateen and their son.

Salman is a second-generation American, born to a well-heeled Palestinian family who emigrated to California from the West Bank in the 1970s, according to the Daily Mail.

She is one of four sisters. Their Rodeo, California neighbors describe the family as quietly religious


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