NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus $ues Troubled Ex-Football Star Over Unpaid IOU!

Fred Davis - Drew Rosenhaus (SFLR composite)

Super NFL player’s agent Drew Rosenhaus is suing a former client, troubled ex-Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis.

The reason: Rosenhaus’ is so driven about recruiting new clients that, according to the lawsuit, Rosenhaus loaned Davis $150,000 when he signed him on as a client in 2009.

And now Rosenhaus says Davis ripped him off.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know!

Rosenhaus claims in his Miami-Dade County circuit court filing last week that Davis owes him a total of nearly $200,000 in unpaid loans and representation fees.

Davis made a big deal out of hiring Rosenhaus in 2009, and Rosenhaus at that time tweeted: “We are thrilled to announce that we have signed Redskins tight end Fred Davis as a new client. Fred was a 2nd round pick from USC in 2008.”

But things haven’t gone well for speedy Davis.

He spent the 2014 season on a drug suspension and 2015 on the New England Patriots’ bench before being cut.

Davis’ now an unsigned free agent. In NFLese, that means Davis isn’t making any money to pay back debts.

And with a new baby, God knows Rosenhaus will eventually need the dough to pay for Jr.’s college

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