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Next Chapter In A ‘He Said/She Said/They Said’ Nude Photo Drama Of A Judge

A screenshot from Marni Bryson’s 2016 re-election campaign video

It could be a telenovela plotline, except it’s straight out of new court documents in a high-stakes contest over an upcoming Palm Beach County trial:

A state court judge tries to destroy the woman she blames for her failed marriage. The other woman is a powerful lawyer/lobbyist who advises a county commission.

The judge harasses the lawyer and her boyfriend, the judge’s ex-husband, with angry emails and texts until the lawyer files a police report. The judge sends a nude photo of herself, displaying her pregnancy, to a friend who happens to be the lawyer’s ex-husband.

The judge tries to subpoena the lawyer to provide evidence against her boyfriend, the judge’s ex, in a post-divorce action.

When two prominent male lawyers intervene, the judge backs off the subpoena. Four years later she sues one of them, claiming he threatened her and left her emotionally scarred. She demands enough money damages to strike back forcefully.

By Noreen Marcus, FloridaBulldog.org, Special to SouthFloridaReporter.comMar. 17, 2021