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Most Important Things You Should Know Before A Divorce


Contested divorces are ugly and long processes that can have a profound financial, physiological and emotional impact on all parties – no matter the position and stance of each spouse on divorce-related issues.

Naturally, divorce planning can go a long way to secure yourself from financial deprecation that you can face if your partner suddenly announces to file for divorce. Whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, vigilance is your tool. Here are the five most common mistakes spouses make in divorce, and we’ll tell you how to avoid them. 

  • Divorce Organization is Essential

For Contested Divorce: Forethought about divorce is the principal player before you decide to announce it to your partner. An unprepared announcement can result in the mobilization of assets and relevant financial documents by your partner before you can make a move.

It is wise to put your best step forward in maintaining a supportive relationship with your children and family. In doing so, you could ensure having a support group in such a time of crisis, but also, it will help in your divorce proceeding. 

For Uncontested Divorce: Alternatively, if you feel the situation is favorable and amicable, you can always discuss divorce matters with your partner – it usually happens in the case of uncontested divorce. The divorce-related matters such as child custody, child support, assets division, monetary aspects, alimony support, etc. are mutually discussed and agreed upon by both spouses in an uncontested divorce.

If both you and your partner have decided to separate your ways via an uncontested divorce, it is always wise to discuss all aspects beforehand. Make sure no issue remains untouched before the divorce petition files for summary dissolution.

  • Doing a Pre-Divorce Consultation with Divorce Attorney is a Prerequisite

Consultation with a divorce attorney is a prerequisite before you go forward with the divorce petition. It is no time to cut expenses and face legal deficiencies later. A divorce attorney can assist you in weighing your options and advice on whether to go for a contested or uncontested divorce. Many people are surprised there is more than one type of divorce when they perform pre-divorce legal consultation. Similarly, there are separate attorneys for each type – contested divorce attorneys and uncontested divorce attorneys. Through consultation with a divorce attorney before the divorce announcement, you can save costs by hiring the relevant lawyer for your needs instead of wasting valuable resources on irrelevant legal expenses.

Financial Reserves to Survive the First Impact

The first few months in a divorce case are the hardest as far as financial resources are concerned. In a contested divorce, it is especially true for the financially dependent spouse in the relationship. Therefore, arranging enough financial reserves so you can survive the first impact is unavoidable. A right-contested divorce attorney can help to obtain temporary financial aid while the case is in court. 

Try to Be as Rational as Possible and Avoid Drama at All Costs

Don’t act rashly or say anything at the whim of the moment that can hurt your interest in the divorce. Disengage in emotional encounters at best in the courtroom. 

Consult a Counselor to Stay Alert and Focused

Divorce is a long journey, and the emotional and psychological toll can impact your reasoning and sense of judgment. Court proceedings require mental alertness and focus. Stay in touch with a counselor off and on to remain sharp and focused throughout the divorce proceedings. 

How Much Does a Divorce Cost? 

Divorces are expensive, be contested divorces or uncontested divorces. There is no “one size fits all” situations as each case has a varying nature and facts. Moreover, divorce costs vary in each State. In Las Vegas, for example, an uncontested divorce can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $5,000. However, keeping in mind the complexity of a contested divorce varies from case to case, the cost is usually between $8,000 to $20,000 for a contested divorce. The lengthy divorce proceedings are the primary culprit of the high cost of a contested divorce compared to an uncontested divorce. This is evident from the fact that it usually takes up to 12 – 18 months to finalize a contested divorce.

We Have Your Back

We understand that it is emotionally challenging to go through the tiresome divorce procedure. Many people want to avoid spending all of their time worrying about the legal formalities and prefer to merely deal with the non-legal issues of their divorce and leave it to their divorce attorney to be well-represented before the court. Therefore, choosing the right attorney for your divorce is the foremost step while initiating a contested or uncontested divorce petition.

Also, avoiding the prior-mentioned mistakes can help your endeavors against your partner in court.  It’s a long journey, and having the best lawyer for divorce can go a long way to preserve your interests in the courtroom.