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Meg Epstein: Balancing Real Estate Development with Environmental Conservation

The Nashville real estate market has continued to be one of the hottest and fastest-growing in the country. Much of this is due to the efforts of various real estate investors that have continued to see potential in the city for both residential and commercial investors. One individual that has continued to have an impact on the real estate market is Meg Epstein.

Over the course of her career, Epstein has established a track record of both identifying great opportunities and also developing new projects. Since starting her own real estate development and investment firm in 2016, she has continued to grow and now has more than $300 million in projects under management and a team of 15 dedicated real estate professionals. While she has continued to have a strong career, she has various interests outside of work, including her work with a rare and endangered species, the streamside salamanders.

Identification of Rare Salamanders

“streamside salamander” by Dean Stavrides is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Whenever a developer is working on a new project, it is very important to complete a full evaluation of the local flora and fauna. A great example of how to do this properly came when Meg Epstein and her company, CA South, began the development of a new industrial project on a 16-acre campus outside of Nashville.

When working on this project, it was quickly determined that there was a portion of the land that was home to the rare streamside salamanders. These amphibians were living in an area of the property that was connected to the Dry Creek watershed. Once the rare salamander was identified, Epstein and the team worked with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to come up with an appropriate plan of action.

CA South Develops New Home for Salamanders

While real estate development budgets are tight, Epstein and the CA South team did not let that deter them from doing the right thing and finding a suitable home for the amphibians. The team opted to build a better habitat and home for the streamside salamanders in another area of the industrial park. This area is properly protected by rock and has plenty of food sources to allow the population to grow and thrive. This was clear evidence of how important she and the team make ensuring the local environment remains strong when they are working on a new project.

Interests Outside of Work

While Meg Epstein has continued to develop a passion for real estate development, she does find time for outside interests. She is an active member of the local church of Scientology, provides support for a variety of charities in the Nashville area, and is a leader in her industry. This includes being on the boards and membership roster for various real estate groups that allow her to provide guidance for other aspiring real estate professionals. She also continues to consider the local environment to be a top priority when working on a new project.

Real estate developers in the Nashville area have continued to find the community a great place to build new projects. Ever since 2016, Epstein and her team at CA South have identified and acted on new opportunities that have helped to enhance the local market. At the same time, they are focused on ensuring all flora and fauna are properly cared for and continue to have the opportunity to thrive by providing hospitable habitats to enjoy.