Marlins Hero Livan Hernandez: The $50 Million’s Gone And I’m Super, Super Broke!

Livan Hernandez
Livan Hernandez says he’s blown his $50 million and is living lean now (

If you believe World Series-winning Miami Marlins legend Livan Hernandez, his financial situation might be as dire as his time on the Marlins mound was especially inspiring.

But then again, that’s what Hernandez claimed in a deposition in mid-January in a lawsuit filed against him two years ago by a former friend who says the retired pitcher borrowed $200,000 from him for a few days but has yet to pay him back.

According to the lawyer representing Key Biscayne investor German Rodriguez, a baseball fan befriended by Hernandez while playing golf who was talked into lending the money, Hernandez spent an hour trying to convince him he has nothing left after 13 Major League Baseball seasons and an estimated $50 million in earnings.

It took attorney Robert Frankel more than a year to get Hernandez to appear for a deposition. At one point, law enforcement agencies throughout Florida were instructed to arrest Hernandez and bring him to court in Miami to respond to the lawsuit originally filed in February 2016.

Jose Lambiet,, excerpt posted on, April 6, 2018