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The Many Health Benefits And Disadvantages Of Coffee

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Coffee, coffee, coffee! It’s everybody’s favorite drink. Its silky black depths provide a boost of energy to help you wake up, endure those endless afternoon meetings, and finishes off a fine meal.

But what about its effects on your health? Does coffee provide any benefits? What about negative side effects? What is even IN coffee? We’ve brought together everything you need to know about coffee in one simple stop.

First off, let’s start with some simple ordering tips. After all, not everybody knows what a triple-Venti-half sweet-non-fat-caramel macchiato actually contains.

What Are The Different Types Of Coffee?

Are you often standing in line to order your coffee and wonder what everybody else is sipping? Here’s a primer to help get you started on the different types of coffee:

Black, Regular or Light: When ordering your morning cup at a local coffee shop or fast-food restaurant, you may still ask for the traditional cup of regular brew that does not use the hissing espresso machines found at those fancy $6 a cup shops.

Made out of hot water passed through ground coffee beans and a paper filter, add some sugar for the perfect pick-me-up!

Americano or Long Black: If you are hunting for an ordinary cup of Joe, the Americano or Long Black is a cup of hot water with a shot of espresso introduced into the cup. Add your own sugar or milk for a familiar restorative cup.

Cafe Latte: For a creamy treat, the Cafe Latte starts with a shot of deep, dark espresso and then mix in steamed milk for a smoother, slightly sweet treat. Many baristas top it off with foam finished in a heart, cat, or your name.

Cappuccino: Dial back the foam on top of your latte and add shaved chocolate or cinnamon on top and discover the perfect balance of a Cappuccino.

Espresso: Of course, every great cup of coffee starts with espresso. Coffee beans are ground fresh and then hot water and steam is passed through the grounds to create an intense, dark coffee drink.  If you want even more energy, ask for a Double.

Mocha: This is where coffee and chocolate meet for perfection in a cup. Hot cocoa powder is introduced into a shot of espresso and then steamed milk is added. It’s chocolate. It’s coffee. It is divine.

Macchiato: If you enjoy the shot of energy you find in espresso, but don’t like the bold, bitter flavor, try dialing it back with a Machiato that includes just a dash of steamed milk to even out the flavor.

Now that you can place an order and not sound totally lost, you are probably wondering what is actually in coffee and if it has any nutritional value. What about caffeine? How much can I actually drink? We’ve got the answers to that, too.

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