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Manage Your Emails – Top 3 Email Clients

Are you looking for the best way you can manage emails? There are several email “clients”  (companies) you can use. Not all email clients can serve you well. It is necessary to check on the features available on the different email clients. Some are available free of charge but they have few features.

If you would like to enjoy the several features incorporated in some clients, then you need to go for a client which comes with several features. It is very easy if you can take your time to assess the different email clients available in the market.

Here are the top 3 email clients you can try:


It is among email clients you can download to enjoy the many features. To test the different features available on the client, you need to try the IncrediMail Free Download. You can access it free of charge. Unlike other email clients available in the market, the software offers you a lot of options to enjoy the way you interact with emails.


For example, you will enjoy features such as the following:

Sharing photos in the email

Not all email clients will allow you to share photos ion your email. If you would like to enjoy sharing those exciting photos in your email, then you need to go for the IncrediMail Free Download. It will allow you to send unlimited photos. It is even to your advantage because the photos will be sent in the formats you took them. Easy to decorate messages is another feature. The email client allows you to add features to the background of the photos so that they can stand out before you can send. It is features which few email clients support.

Windows Mail

It is another email client you can access for free of charge and enjoy several features. It is a default app which you will find in most Windows. The preinstalled app allows you to handle emails easily. Some of the features you can enjoy include scheduling messages and HTML editing. You can as well compose new messages as well as replying to old messages. If you only need basic email handling, it is a client which can serve you well.

If you would like to enjoy free sending of emails. Then you need to consider the Windows Mail. It is software offered free of charge and it comes with all the basic features you need to enjoy sending emails. Even if you are operating in a business set up where you need to spend a lot of emails, the email client has several inbuilt features to allow you to manage the emails in bulk.

Microsoft Outlook

It is an email client which works very well from Windows. It is among the most used email client that has several features to enable you to enjoy sending messages. The contact management system is integrated to allow you to handle the emails easily. There are several automated features which can simplify the way you handle the emails. If you would like to schedule emails, it allows you to do so very easily. It is an email client you can try even in your office settings.

Microsoft outlook is among popular email a client which is preferred by several companies. If you have a large organization where you would like to handle emails in bulk, then you can count on the platform to access several features so that you can enjoy sending and receiving emails.

It makes the process of sending and receiving emails very easily. It has been developed to incorporate security features which even make it secure when sending sensitive emails.