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Maggie Adhami-Boynton: The Woman Behind The App All Miami Influencers Need This Summer


In 2018, Maggie Adhami-Boynton, CEO and founder of ShopThing, stumbled across the Asian phenomenon known as live shopping. Within a year, she married her passion for tech and high-end fashion to create a similar experience for North American markets.

“On our platform, influencers attend sample and warehouse fashion sales, post their favorite finds, and purchase luxury pieces for followers,” she explains. “These influencers are authentic. They visit stores that speak to them and model the selections they like best.”

During the past three years, ShopThing experienced rapid growth in the fashion centers of New York and Los Angeles. Its most recent base of operations in Miami opens just in time to show off a sizzling hot season of high-end swimwear, shoes, bags, and clothing.

Maggie Adhami-Boynton’s favorite fashion trends for summer 2022

Maggie Adhami-Boynton

The first thing Adhami-Boynton loves about this summer’s styles is color. From bright, bold shades to muted pastels, summer is the time to be vibrant and eye-catching. Although, color is not the only thing keeping the fashion-conscious from camouflaging themselves on the beaches and boardwalks. Adhami-Boynton says she’s looking for bling this summer. “Give me sequins, chainmail, and glitter,” she says. “I’m making a statement this season!”

While color may be king during the carefree days of summer, an all-white outfit is every bit as hot. “You don’t need to be invited to Diddy’s white party to sport this trend,” remarks Adhami-Boynton.

One comeback in this summer’s fashion lineup is the miniskirt, which is trending super short and snug in 2022. Platform shoes are also making an appearance. “Think the 70’s, but bolder,” Adhami-Boynton comments. “With these shoes, bigger and bolder is definitely better!”

Must-have brands for summer on ShopThing

“Choosing my favorite summer brands is like asking me to choose my favorite child — impossible and totally unfair,” Adhami-Boynton laughs. Still, when pressed, she reveals several of the season’s fashion must-haves: 

  • Jacquemus
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Balenciaga
  • Versace

Jacquemus is a contemporary French designer known for crafting some of fashion’s cutest bags, but other pieces from this brand are just as colorful, fun, and trendy. “From their tiny mini Le Chiquito to their new big Bambinou, you will see these bags carried by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Beiber,” says Adhami-Boynton, “and you can’t go wrong at Jacquemus’ affordable price point, especially when you get it on sale!”

Adhami-Boynton says the styles of Alexander McQueen will always have a soft spot in her heart. She’s in luck this season because the fashion house has made a huge comeback with their fantastic take on platform shoes. “Playing on the trend for chunky footwear, McQueen’s oversized sneakers are must-haves this summer,” she remarks. “You can pair them with sleek trousers or leather tennis skirt for a bold look.” 

Balenciaga is yet another must-have brand that all the favorite celebrities and influencers are rocking this summer. “From their limited edition collab with Gucci to their staple city bags, Balenciaga is giving us a lot to admire this season,” Adhami-Boynton observes. “You can’t go wrong with a Balenciaga Hourglass bag or their uber-popular take on the chunky sneakers.” 

If there ever were a perfect brand for summer, it would be Versace. This season, they showcase a collab with Fendace and their typical flare for bright, bold, and beautiful prints. “At ShopThing, we are loving how the brand embellishes with classic Greca borders and Medusa heads,” says Adhami-Boynton. “We’re most obsessed with the Versace swim line, and it is actually on sale through our app.”

ShopThing comes to Miami just in time for summer fashion 

ShopThing has been researching and shopping for the hottest brands in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles markets for quite some time. Adhami-Boynton is especially excited to bring the app to the Miami area this summer. “We’ve been in Miami for a few months,” she says, “and Miami is loving us as much as we are loving them!” 

ShopThing’s Miami and South Florida influencers are certainly the ones to check for this season’s trends. “We regularly work with superstars like @aliciapettitt and @nicolemua,” remarks Adhami-Boynton. “They connect with their followers in an engaging and authentic way that resonates with our audience everywhere.”