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Love with Your Four-Legged Friend on Florida National Pet Day


To show appreciation for our four-legged friends, National Pet Day was created. This year, events will range from fundraising events to kitten season preparation.

Celebrating Your Relationship With Your Pet

Whether you love your cat or dog, or you live with a horse, there are many ways to celebrate your relationship with your pet on Florida National Puppy Day. Dog owners can take their pets for a walk, or horse owners can ride them in a dog park. You can even take them for a walk along the beach! Whatever you do, be sure to share your love for your pet with everyone around you.

Adopting Or Fostering A Pet In Need

On Florida National Pet Day, you can help a homeless pet by adopting, fostering, or volunteering to care for one. Depending on the needs of the animal, the time commitment required will vary. An adult dog recovering from orthopedic surgery may only need a week or so of foster care, while a young puppy needs six to eight weeks of fostering. Foster care will also help the animal recover from an illness without the trauma of a shelter.

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Nobu Hotels Miami Beach

Nobu Hotels Miami Beach is celebrating Florida National Pet Day this year. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s private pool perched above the ocean, a relaxing spa, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Nobu suites feature king beds, wrap-around balconies, and separate showers. Guests may even bring their pets as part of the celebration. And guests can enjoy the hotel’s custom-designed catering menu.

Both Nobu Hotels Miami Beach and Eden Roc Miami Beach welcome four-legged guests. The hotel’s Cafe Inez serves free dog treats and allows guests to mingle with other pets. Owners can sit and relax with their four-legged companions on the grassy areas of the hotel. And if you’re visiting on the Fourth of July, you can bring your dog with you! Nobu Hotels Miami Beach celebrate Florida National Pet Day by introducing new pet-friendly amenities to their properties.



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