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Locals Suggest You Visit These 4 Places In Florida For Your Family Trip In 2022

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COVID-19 ruined most of 2020 for people who love traveling. In 2021, things got somewhat better. As world governments were rolling out COVID vaccines, things progressively improved. The world opened up again, and traveling resumed, somewhat normal, but not entirely.

As we enter 2022, we are hoping for things to eventually get better. And once they do, traveling will once again be fun, carefree, and most importantly, safe.

So in case 2022 is the year COVID finally decides to take a break, you should go out to travel. And there is no better way to restart your travel diaries than by visiting the Sunshine State – Florida. 

Florida has many places for you to visit. Let’s look at four such places that locals highly recommend you visit with your family.

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Miami is arguably the best place to be in southern Florida in 2022. Miami’s Modern city life perfectly contrasts with the serenity over Miami Beach. For the best of both worlds, you can head down to the Art Deco district in the South Beach region. The rather funky and artistic pedestrian walk with the beach right beside you is the perfect way to kickstart the new year. 

Apart from the beautiful beach, do not forget to check out the shops and restaurants in downtown Miami. Alongside the numerous historic attractions, the area is also home to some of the finest restaurants in the state. Shopping can also be an exciting experience in Miami. However, get ready to spend big if you want to buy anything from the Brickell and Design District.

The time between March and May is perfect for visiting Miami. That is when Florida’s weather is at its best for some quality time at the beach. The average temperature in Miami during this time of the year is around 70 degrees. 

So be it morning or afternoon, you can enjoy yourself at the beach and around town without the weather conditions bothering you too much. And you can take as many photos as you want during sunset. You will hardly find a cloud blocking your spectacular view. Even then, always stay updated on a weather app that uses the latest weather data to provide weather forecasts in real-time.


Orlando is the city you must visit if you want to let your imaginations loose. You will specifically fancy visiting Orlando if you have kids. That is because Orlando is home to Disneyland. Your kids will never forgive you if you are in Orlando, Florida, and not go to Disneyland. 

And why stop there? Why not give your kids something else to feel excited about? Apart from Walt Disney World, you can take them to Universal Studios, and then to SeaWorld. Your kids will forever be grateful to you for this experience.

Orlando is not just for kids. Everyone, irrespective of their age, can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Check out the many water parks like the Typhoon Lagoon, or the Volcano Bay. Something that will intrigue both kids and adults alike is the Kennedy Space Center located in Cape Canaveral. The Orlando Science Center is also a place where you can enjoy some quality time while learning new things about our world and beyond. 


Tampa is popular for its wildlife. Busch Gardens and the adjacent zoo are where you will get to experience most of Tampa’s wildlife. The Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park is just as mesmerizing. In case you are a cat person or want to interact with some cats, check out the Big Cat Rescue.

Once you are done with the wildlife, you should visit the Museum of Science and Industry. You will get to see how technology has evolved over the years. You could even catch a live IMAX show there while you are at it.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel is the perfect place for a honeymoon. It is ideal for family getaways too. When in Sanibel Island, you will want to be cocooned with luxury. The numerous luxury resorts on the island can accommodate that request of yours. 

A stunning view of Mother Nature, and all the luxury you could ask for. Sanibel Island can give you all that and more. The areas on the island are wet due to heavy rain and showers from April to November. So you could avoid that time of the year if you are looking for a more bright and sunny experience.