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Levi’s Jacket Won’t Let You Leave Without Your Phone (Video)

In Back to The Future Part 2 most of us wanted that futuristic Jacket Marty had. Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

Google and Levi’s Jacquard smart jacket has introduced a new function designed to stop you from mistakenly leaving your phone behind, as spotted by Android Police.

The feature, called Always Together, is an automatic alert that will go off if the jacket moves too far away from your phone. When triggered, notifications happen on both ends. So, your phone will get a notification, and the jacket’s signature sleeve tag will also blink and vibrate. Previously, Android Police notes, there was a manual “find your phone” option where an assigned gesture on the jacket could prompt your phone to ring at full volume.

It’s a neat addition for the smart jacket, which can already use touch inputs to control things on your smartphone like music controls and navigation pings within Google Maps. Earlier this year, an update in the Jacquard platform introduced a handful of other functions, like support for ride-sharing alerts and pin drops on a map to save locations.

Whether all of this justifies the jacket’s $350 price tag is up to you. But, if you have been thinking about buying one, now is probably the time.

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