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Less is More: The Minimalist Design Trend

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Minimalist design has been growing in popularity for the past several years, and the trend is expected to continue in 2023 and beyond. Interior decorators and people decorating their own space typically define minimalist design as the use of the least amount of furniture and decorations possible while keeping budget-consciousness in mind.

For all the benefits of minimalist design, one of the greatest challenges is creating rooms that look warm and inviting instead of cold and sterile. While there are no set rules about how to achieve that goal, minimalist design adherents do follow a basic set of principles.

Themes to Keep in Mind When Choosing Minimalist Design

Minimalist means not overpowering the senses with clutter or bright colors, which makes neutral colors like pastels, creams, and whites frequent choices. Other design styles to remember when going for a minimalist decorating theme include:

Flat surfaces: Complex shapes will never do in a minimalist environment. People can make rooms look more spacious by choosing flat, sharp, and clean surfaces instead.

Lighting: Letting in natural light or selecting lamps in neutral colors help to complete the minimalist look.

Open spaces: Open floor plans make it easy to maximize natural light and blend rooms together.

Texture: Interior decorators recommend experimenting with combining different textures, using concrete and faux fur as an example. The texture should blend well with the home’s neutral colors.

The main rule of any minimalist design is to keep it simple. People should be intentional when choosing every decoration or piece of furniture.

Think Green

The minimalist look is a natural one, so it only makes sense that plants fit right into the décor. Plants don’t detract from the overall minimalist look and are a simple way to decorate any room. Other natural elements, such as untreated wood, also bring an outdoorsy appeal while staying on trend with the decorating theme.

Practice the Rule of One In, One Out

Minimalism is about more than rooms in a home looking a certain way. The design trend also embraces the concept of reduced consumerism and less waste. A practical way for people to put the principle into action is to donate or recycle one item each time they bring a new one home. The two items should be similar in nature.

As an example of how this works, a person who buys a new springtime jacket would not keep the old one it is replacing in the home. Following this practice can be quite rewarding, especially when donating to people of limited financial means.

Skip the Bulky Box Spring

A box spring is the part of a bed that supports the mattress. Some box springs can be at least a few feet high and overpower a bedroom by design. A new trend in minimalism is to buy a small box spring that sits approximately 12 inches from the floor. People still have the back support they need and a comfortable place to sleep without having their bed take up more space than they would like.

In keeping with the spirit of minimalism, the above suggestions represent only a handful of possibilities when it comes to home design and furniture selection. Joining forces with other minimalists and researching options online are both good ways to come up with even more ideas for living sparsely.