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Learn How To Become A World Series of Poker Dealer

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The World Series of Poker begins May 31, running 49 days and consisting of 69 events in Las Vegas. That’s a lot of poker to be dealt, and a Hollywood, Florida  dealer school is helping.

The school, which opened in 2011 and is co-owned by Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi and Rob Mizrachi, allows those who currently working as dealers to work around their own schedule and learn the WSOP way inexpensively. Cost is $265.

The school’s director of operations, Stacy Matuson, said the World Series of Poker requires about 1,400 dealers each May through July. The series is lacking qualified applicants, especially those trained in the “WSOP way,” which includes doing every shuffle, chip arranging and deck placement uniformly — not to mention knowing some games that are rarely played in regular card rooms.

“We all love poker and when we go to play we want to have a good time,” Matuson said. “Trying to change the infrastructure for those running each game makes it a more positive experience for the player. I am looking at training WSOP dealers from the inside.”

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“It’s all about continuous improvement and making all of us better,” WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel said. “So that collaboration is to offer a wider range of people to take an online course wherever they are and then have a shot to come to WSOP.
“The truth is there aren’t that many with the skills we need them to have,” Effel said. “A lot of dealers come to the WSOP and may be the best Texas Hold ‘em dealers, but here they are asked to deal games such as triple draw, too.”

There also are courses for those looking to deal recreationally or looking to become certified.

The three courses: For $99 a person can learn everyday dealing, such as for home games, via 20 repeatable videos. For $265, already-certified dealers can pick up the WSOP course. For $600, they can take an online class that runs 10 to 12 weeks, includes instructor evaluation and is certified with the Florida Board of Education. (Matuson works with the state on certification annually.)

To view the courses online, visit WSOP Dealer Academy

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