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Learn About Short Peptide Epitalon: Main Features and Benefits

There is nothing objectionable in the desire to become younger, more beautiful, to postpone the onset of old age. Today, scientists are quite close to solving this issue. Getting a full night’s sleep, restoring physical and energy balance, getting rid of cancer are all becoming a reality. Epitalon peptide is a unique compound and is a real breakthrough in many medical industries, especially gerontology and cosmetology. Peptide release form: EPITALON spray and solution for injection.

Advantages of Epitalon

Peptides are short compounds of amino acids. They act as bioregulators of the protein. But the process of cell division cannot last forever. Over the course of a lifetime in the human body, this happens about 52 times. In particular, peptides attach to certain genes in DNA and allow the cell to rejuvenate by stimulating a new protein’s production without division.

The epitalon is an artificially synthesized peptide chain consisting of 4 amino acids (Ala-Blu-Asp-Gli). In accordance with the first letters of amino acids, the second name of the compound is AGAG. The discovery was made more than 30 years ago by Russian professor Havinson based on an analysis of a substance isolated from the animals’ brains.

Over the years, a huge number of experiments have been carried out. The results of the studies in which both animals and humans took part were striking. It turned out that Epitalon has a powerful rejuvenating and life-increasing effect.

In accordance with the telomerase theory of the aging of the body, with age, cell renewal stops due to a decrease in the content of telomerase in cells, an enzyme that promotes DNA doubling. As a result, the cells lose their ability to divide, the body ages, and, as a result, dies. The use of epitalon stops this process. The compound stimulates the natural production of telomerase in the body, thereby triggering DNA replication processes and the formation of new cells.

Researchers have shown the following benefits of using AGAG:

  • an increase in life expectancy
  • restores circadian rhythms
  • sleep normalization
  • increasing energy levels
  • repair of old and damaged cells
  • preventing and stopping the development of age-related diseases (diabetes, cancer,      Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and others)
  • normalization of general health and others

According to the instructions for use, Epitalone can be administered to the body in various ways, among which the most ineffective is oral. Most often, the peptide is used as injections under the skin or intramuscularly. The latter is most preferred since the compound enters the blood directly.


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