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Layered Medium Length Hairstyles for Women


A woman’s beauty is mainly seen in her hair. They all want to look beautiful and girly, so they look for the best ways to style their hair. However, there are a lot of experiments around medium-length hairstyles hence the birth of the many available today. You can also wear your hair in a particular style and add color.

Among the many medium-length hairstyles available today, layered haircuts have been trending because more women prefer them. The hairdo has varying lengths at different points in the hair, which makes it more attractive than the one-length cuts. The stylist can incorporate two layers and shorter tresses along the face. However, the wearer can have more layers depending on their preference.

Who Can Wear The Layered Medium Cuts

One advantage women get from the layered hairstyle is that it is not choosy. It flatters all women regardless of their hair texture and face shape. However, the hairstyle is more common among women with thick hair because the layers reduce the hair density on their heads. Also, those with fine hair enjoy the layered cut because it leaves the illusion of volume.

 Layered Medium Length Hairstyles And Face Shapes

Your face shape will not be a concern when doing the layered haircut, as long as your stylist is skillful and an expert. However, the hairdo tends to make many face shapes look oval. If you want to elongate your round face, your stylist will style your layers into face-framing locks. Also, people with long broad faces look better with a layered hairstyle if the stylist adds side bangs. If you have an oval face, you can wear the layered hairstyle comfortably because the style is less likely to tamper with your face shape.

What Are The Styling Tips For The Layered Haircut

There are many ways to style the layered hairdo, meaning you won’t be tied to one style. It is also a plus because the many ways to wear a hairstyle make it more interesting. After all, you can play around with it—some women like to curl the ends with a curling iron or a flat iron. However, ensure you don’t use a lot of heat on your hair because it causes hair damage. Use heat-protective cream to protect your strands from heat damage to be safer. Some of the ways to style your layered hairstyle are;

Straight Caramel Inverted Bob

If you already have blonde hair, you don’t have to do much to change the style. Cutting it into layers can give you a complete makeover and a new look. Ask the stylist to style it into an inverted bob. The style frames your face perfectly, and you won’t regret it.

Shoulder Length Hair With Curly Ends

You don’t have to get a big chop to enjoy the layered style. If you have medium length hair, ask your stylist to give you choppy ends. Adding layers adds some volume to the hair, and the flicked ends are perfect for people who like the blow-dry style. If you have thick hair, try folding it into layers.

Mid Length Two Tier

The two-tier style suits best people with thick hair. The style also goes well with layered shoulder-length hair. The hairdo gives the wearer some dimension.

Disconnected Choppy Bob

Women with thick hair enjoy the disconnected bob more because the hairdo makes it easier to style. There are also many styles to wear with a disconnected choppy bob, a reason it is among the top trending medium length hairstyles. If you have thin hair, this haircut will give you the illusion of thick hair, and you can add highlights to make your skin brighter.

 Layered Haircut For Straight Hair

It’s not a must to have curly or wavy hair to get the layered style. People with straight hair also enjoy layered medium length hairstyles. It looks good with the v-cut at the end. You can also add bangs at the front for more movement. The layered hairstyle helps to bring out all the natural contours of your face.