Home Articles ​​Latest Dolphins Super Bowl Odds and AFC East Chances

​​Latest Dolphins Super Bowl Odds and AFC East Chances

The Miami Dolphins have gotten off to a hot start under new head coach Mike McDaniel. They are currently +4000 to win the Super Bowl. 

The Miami Dolphins came into the season with plenty of question marks. Mike McDaniel was hired as the new head coach after he did a terrific job running the San Francisco 49ers offense. But, questions remained on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, although the new-look Dolphins offense was explosive until Tua suffered a series of unfortunate concussions.

Nonetheless, the Dolphins have surprised everybody and are now 3-3 after losing three straight as they deal with plenty of injuries. Let’s examine the Dolphin’s Super Bowl and AFC East odds.

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds: +4000 to win, +2100 to win the AFC

The odds for the Dolphins have taken a giant hit in recent weeks. A few weeks back, they were 3-0 and looked to be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL after defeating the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills consecutively.

But, they lost three straight to the Cincinnati Bengals, the New York Jets, and most recently to the Minnesota Vikings to come crashing back down to Earth. Still, according to BettingInsiderJournal the odds for Miami to win the Super Bowl is +4000 and they are +2100 to win the AFC altogether.

Let’s play this game: Tua returns to full strength, and the offense clicks on every cylinder just like they were when he was throwing the football. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle finish with 1,000-yard seasons, and the second coming of Raheem Mostert does wonders in Miami.

If those things happen, the Dolphins will be a tough out in the playoffs. Now, will they have enough to defeat the Bills, Chiefs or Chargers? Who knows, but we saw how dangerous this team was when they overcame a 21-point deficit against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to put $10-$20 on either bet, especially given the odds (+4000 to win the Super Bowl, +2100 to win the AFC). If either one hit, that is a massive payout. If BOTH hit, you’re sitting pretty for quite some time.

Miami Dolphins AFC East Odds: +1400

The Buffalo Bills came into the 2022 NFL campaign with strong odds and the favorites to win the AFC. Through the first chunk of the year, that thought hasn’t changed. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are lethal together, and Von Miller looks every bit like the huge contract they gave him in the offseason.

However, the Bills are -800 to win the AFC East, and the Dolphins are second with +1400 odds. The Patriots are third with +1700 odds, but this looks like a two-team race if that. Again, the health and play of Tua will make all the difference in the world. The Bills are 5-1, but the one loss came to the Dolphins, so that is something to consider.

For the sake of conversation, I don’t love putting money on Miami to win the division, especially with the way the Bills’ offense has been playing through the first six weeks of the year. Buffalo has a two-game lead, and we still aren’t sure when Tua returns to the field.


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