Home Cooking KFC Chicken Copycat (Video Recipe)

KFC Chicken Copycat (Video Recipe)

  KFC Chicken is undeniably one of the best tasting fast food meals around the world. Juicy and crispy, learn how to cook it the right way at home.

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Fried chicken recipe

KFC Chicken is undoubtedly an international sensation with its iconic herb and spices secret recipe. It belongs to the world’s most popular fast food dishes and rightly so because it really does taste extraordinary. 

A lot of my friends and family crave it which is why I decided to try and replicate the taste of this iconic and nostalgic dish. I experimented several times and finally, I got a recipe that I am sure is the closest there is to the real thing. 

The meat oozes with flavor and juiciness that your guests would not even realize that it is a homemade recipe. Not to mention, its less expensive to make it at home and it is better to know what ingredients went into your dish.

It really isn’t even that complicated which is why it would be a nice addition to learn this recipe to satisfy your KFC cravings anytime. I really had fun making a copycat of such an iconic meal and I hope you get to enjoy it as well.

How to make KFC chicken

  1. Prep meat. Cut whole chicken according to the desired number of pieces. However, you could also separate it into its parts: drumstick, thigh, wings, and breast. 
  2. Marinate. Mix buttermilk and pickle juice in a separate bowl. Then, marinate the meat for a minimum of 2 hours.
  3. Prepare flour mix for coating. In another bowl, mix all the seasoning.
  4. Coat. Dip the pieces into the coating mixture. Lay it on a cookie sheet. Then, let it rest for 20 minutes. 
  5. Fry. Prepare the deep fryer by making sure that the oil will fully submerge the pieces. Heat to 350F and fry in batches for 15 minutes. 
  6. Serve. Remove excess oil by putting it in a drying rack or draping a paper towel. Then, serve.

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