Judicial Candidate Part of Critical Inspecter General’s Report On Home Loans

Alfreda Coward

Many judicial candidates are so light on experience that they puff their resumes with grandiose descriptions of their limited work history.

Not Broward County Court candidate Alfreda Coward. Coward’s campaign bio leaves out one of her most notable client — The Lauderhill Housing Authority.

Why doesn’t her campaign mention her work for the housing authority?

Perhaps it is because the Broward Inspector General found that the housing authority’s top managers violated state ethics laws while Coward looked on.

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Here is the story from the inspector general on Oct. 15, 2015:

The Lauderhill Housing Authority gave thousands of dollars for home loans to Kennie Hobbs Jr., and Julie Saunders.

That’s not kosher because Hobbs was executive director of the authority and also an assistant Lauderhill city manager. Saunders was the authority’s deputy director.

The managers “are violating state ethics law by having loans from their own agency via a program administered by their subordinates and over which they have directional control,” Inspector General John W. Scott said in a final report on the agency on Oct. 15, 2015.

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