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It’s High Tide Time

By David Bernard, Storm Strategies, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Sept. 26, 2015 – Portions of coastal South Florida are experiencing what’s best described as “nuisance coastal flooding”. It’s not because of rain but rather abnormally high tides brought about by what is known as the Perigean Spring Tides.

That’s a big word but it can easily be explained. Spring tides occur a couple of times each month during a new or full moon when the Earth, Sun and Moon are in alignment. This extra gravitational pull will raise tide levels slightly above their normal levels.

However, a few times each year (the worst being late September into early November) we have spring tides occurring when the moon reaches a perigee. About once each month the moon reaches its closet point to Earth. This is known as the perigee.


When the spring tide (new or full moon) occurs simultaneously with the moon’s perigee you get the perigean spring tides or in some references a “King Tide”

The extra gravitational tug leads to the highest tide levels of the year and as a result we get ocean and bay water covering some roadways.

Left – Miami Beach Street Flooding on Thursday; Right – Rising waters of Biscayne Bay today

This round of high tides will peak on Monday morning. The highest tides for Sunday and Monday are as follows:

Highest Tides: 8-9am & 8-9pm

Highest Tides 9-10am & 9-10pm

For specific tide times in your area you can click here