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It’s Goof Off Day. How Will You Spend It?

National Goof Off Day is observed annually on March 22.  Our research indicates that this day is also known as International Goof Off Day.

It is a day to relax, enjoy and goof off.  So stop, take a break, find something different!

  • Let any goofy idea pop into your head.
  • Make paper airplanes from seed packets.
  • Doodle pictures of poodles in puddles in Peru.
  • Play a game of Jenga with randomly stacked spice jars.
  • Or do the obvious and spend the day in your pajamas doing nothing.
  • Monica (Moeller) Dufour of Davidson, MI founded National Goof Off Day.  According to official records, the first celebration took place in 1976.
  • Surf the Net for some comic relief.  A hearty belly laugh can be just what the doctor ordered if you’re stuck in the land of hum drum.  Grab your smartphone or get on your laptop and search out your favorite comedian or sitcom and indulge in some well-deserved silliness.
  • Take a Sunday drive, anytime during the week
  • The word goof as a verb is defined as to spend time foolishly, fool around.
  • It’s a day where you are encouraged to have a little extra fun, take an extra break spend some extra time playing games, day dreaming.
  • Take the day off everything; Work, school, whatever. There are 365 other days this year to be responsible.
  • Go somewhere unexpected. Try a local attraction that you haven’t been to in a while. Maybe a museum or a science centre or an indoor playpark. The nice thing is that since it is the middle of the week, it could very possibly be less busy than on weekends or holidays.
  • Try a new food, or introduce your kids to a new food. How about sushi? Or something maybe a little more adventurous if you eat sushi all the time.
  • Three words: Breakfast for dinner.
  • What would you love to do if you had nothing on your to-do list? Do that.


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