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Is That A Tennis Court In Your Backyard?

Image: Crowell

There aren’t many people who get asked that question and for good reason. The truth is that even most tennis aficionados haven’t gone so far as to install a tennis court on their property. So, is it prohibitively expensive? Is that why people don’t have one?

The answer really lies in people’s interest in tennis. Tennis is an international sport with millions of fans worldwide, but a person whose interested in tennis won’t necessarily want to install one.

First, can you afford it? Installing a professional tennis court requires asphalt, proper lighting, and fencing in addition to that net! The costs associated with a professional tennis court range from forty-five thousand dollars all the way to a hundred thousand!

This is a big reason why you don’t see them everywhere, but if you view it as something that you absolutely need, then cost is probably not much of a deterrent to getting that court!

If you ever plan on selling your property, you need to take into account that the tennis court will be part of it. The concept may seem like a nice touch, but it’s not unlike having an in-ground pool on your property.

So many people think that it sounds wonderful and would love to have a pool to take a dip in on those hot, summer afternoons. The biggest surprise though, however, is that younger generations actually view a pool as too much work. Pools have to be maintained and that’s more than just throwing one of those neat little mechanic balls in there!

As a result, pools can actually have a negative effect on properties and the same is possible when considering a tennis court. If you do decide to sell your property at one point, a lot of people may look at a tennis court in the backyard and then turn around and leave.

The other issue is maintenance. A tennis court isn’t a pool, but they do have to be maintained as well. Nets have to be mended, and sometimes replaced entirely. The same goes with the fencing around the court. Frequently used tennis courts also occasionally need to be resurfaced. So, keep in mind that there are costs associated with that as well.

In the end, if you do want one, then you can find a way to get one for under fifty thousand dollars. You don’t have to worry about finding someone to build one; there are plenty of companies out there who can install one for you.

Next, always make sure to see what kind of experience those companies have. A company that’s been around for fifty years is great, but if it’s only been around for five years, you might want to exercise some caution.

Third, never depend solely on what a company has to say about itself. Always look online and find out what others are saying about it. Chances are that there are people who have had personal experience with the company, and those people are like gold when making a decision.

Finally, never look at one price and decide to accept that as the going rate. Find a minimum of three companies, preferably five, and get quotes from them. You don’t need to take the lowest price, but doing this will at least give you a range from which you can make your decision.