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Is A Dental Checkup Necessary?


Here are the top reasons why routine or regular dental visits and checkups are necessary:

Prevents plaque, tartar, cavities, and tooth decay

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and regular flossing are unfortunately not enough to keep the plaque, tartar, cavities, and tooth decay away. These types of dental disorders are very common, and the longer you avoid the dentist, the harder it becomes to keep your mouth and teeth free of disease-causing germs.

Additionally, solidified plaque and tartar are harder to remove using just your toothbrush and floss. But going in for professional dental cleaning can help you avoid these problems before they get out of control. After all, one visit once every half year will cost much less than dental fillings, dental bonding, or other procedures required to repair damaged or decayed teeth.

Lowers the risk of gum/periodontal disease

Dental disorders such as plaque and tartar can also weaken your gum tissue, in addition to causing tooth decay. That’s because the infection from tartar buildup will affect the area where the gum meets the tooth. This infection is known as gingivitis, and if left unchecked, it will continually erode your gum tissue until it breaks down.

Plaque and tartar can also cause tooth abscesses, gum swelling, and inflammation. In the worst-case scenario, gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. These are life-threatening diseases, but it’s possible to improve your odds of not getting them by visiting the dentist regularly.

Helps in early detection of oral cancer

When you visit the dentist for a checkup, they not only examine your teeth and gums, but they’ll also look for signs of cancer, which they’re trained to detect.

Oral cancer is a dental disorder that needs to be diagnosed early to prevent the situation from becoming life-threatening. By sticking to your routine dental checkups, you’re always up to date with the state of your oral health. The good news is oral cancer is a treatable disorder thanks to recent improvements in science and technology.

Can detect problems beneath the surface of your mouth

Another critical benefit of routine dental checkups is getting up-to-date x-rays of your teeth and jaw bone. When the dentist x-rays these areas, they can see the stuff that’s going on beneath the surfaces of your mouth. The dentist will then locate and diagnose any problem areas that can’t be detected with just the naked eye.

Examples of issues that can be detected by x-rays include impacted teeth. These are teeth that are trapped in the gum and haven’t broken through the surface, something that’s common among wisdom teeth. Other problems that become apparent via x-ray imaging are jawbone damage, bone decay, swelling, cysts, or tumors.

Without regular dental checkups, the chances of uncovering these problems at an early stage are low. It can be worse if they’re problems that exhibit little to no symptoms while progressing rapidly.

Helps you maintain good dental habits

It’s a slippery slope to bad dental habits if you stay away from your dentist’s influence for too long. Habits that your dentist will frown at include jaw clenching, teeth grinding, eating too much sugar, brushing your teeth too vigorously, not flossing regularly, and smoking.

Typically, your dentist can notice the oral damage caused by any bad dental habits you may have developed. They’ll set you on the proper preventative path, which will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Overall, regular dental visits are reminders that you should never relax when it comes to dental hygiene.

Dentists can provide a smile assessment

Although you can avoid most dental disorders through regular visits to your dentist, there’s no doubt that the appearance of your teeth can also provide ample motivation. If your teeth have deep stains or discoloration caused by drinking coffee, wine, tea, or smoking, then you’ll most likely need a smile assessment during your appointment.

Fortunately, whatever your problem, there are many affordable and simple procedures that help to improve your smile. These include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and cosmetic contouring. Your dentist is the most qualified person to offer advice on any work that needs doing. Having routine dental checkups means the dentist is familiar with your issues, and they can provide tailored advice related to any future dental work.



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