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Increase Testosterone Levels, Naturally


Human beings have many types of hormones that regulate the body. Among the hormones, Testosterone found in men, women, as well as animals, regulates sexual health.

In men, the testicles produce the hormone while women’s ovaries can produce it in low amounts. It is known as the male hormone as it influences the sperm production and enhanced sex drive in men. It, also, has a direct impact on the muscle mass production, fat storage, red blood cell production, and bone health.

Hormone levels can directly affect the mood of men. So, if you experience some changes in mood or overall health, then you need to understand that it is due to the male hormone fluctuation in your body. The hormone levels will increase during puberty and declines gradually after the age of thirty or above.

Signs of Low Male Hormone Levels

You can experience a range of symptoms with lower levels of male hormone (T) production. Though the signs are subtle, you can learn the signs to know the changes happening in your body.

Reduced Sex Drive

Testosterone has a key role in deciding the sex drive of men as the decrease in the hormone will lead to low libido. Though the aging process can reduce the sex drive, the drastic drop in the hormone levels will diminish the urge to have intimate relationships.

Erectile Dysfunction

The male hormone in the body can stimulate the brain receptors to produce nitric oxide that can trigger a chemical reaction for achieving an erection in men. So, if you suffer from achieving an erection before having sex, then it is because of lower male hormone levels.

Low Semen Volume

The male hormone plays an important role in the semen production that aids in the sperm motility. Men experiencing low T can notice a decrease in the semen volume during ejaculation.


If you find it harder to perform your regular work with ease, then you may have low T levels as it can drop the energy levels considerably. Even with plenty of rest, you may find yourself tired and exhausted all the time.

Hair Loss

Low levels of male hormones will result in loss of facial hair or hair from head resulting in balding.

Enhanced Body Fat

The imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone levels can cause fat accumulation, especially in the breast tissue (gynecomastia).

Wasting of Muscle Mass

The low levels of T hormone can cause thinning of muscles and bones resulting in severe weakness in men.

Mood Changes

The low levels of the male hormone can cause mood changes that affect the mental health. The reduced levels can eventually lead to depression, lack of focus, or irritability.

Natural Methods To Improve T Levels

If you experience low T levels, then you can adopt some natural methods that are easy to integrate into your life without any adverse effects. It will assist in maintaining the healthy balance of hormones to lead a happy life.

#1. Physical Activity

Integrating exercise into your daily routine can create wonders for your body as well as hormone levels. Researchers have found evidence that excises can increase the male hormone levels in the body. Resistance training (weight lifting) and High-Intensity Training are effective in improving the T levels naturally.

#2. Diet Rich in Fats, Carbs, and Protein

Proteins can help you restrict the calories and lose weight, but it can also assist in increasing the T levels in the body. Consuming carbs and healthy fats in the right amounts can enhance the T levels in the body. A diet rich in balanced levels of fats, carbs, and protein can boost male hormone levels in the body.

#3. Natural Supplements

The natural supplements like Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium,  can increase the T levels in the body naturally. Regular exposure to sunlight or taking Vitamin supplement (3,000 IU) can boost the T levels. Taking natural Zinc supplements can increase the sperm levels in your body to increase the strength and stamina. Natural herbs like Ginger and Ashwagandha can boost the T levels without any adverse effects.

You can experience a decrease in the testosterone levels with age, but it is not a severe health condition. But, if you have chronic issues due to low T levels, then you can adopt the natural methods to show results. It can boost the hormone levels without causing any adverse effects. You need to seek the assistance of a medical professional if the condition persists.