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Important Things You Should Know About Online Sports Betting in Florida


If you reside in Florida or you are in search of online sports betting in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains everything you need to know about online sports betting in Florida. You may be wondering if online gambling is legal in Florida. Yes! It is. However, it is under stringent regulation, which implies that you can be prosecuted should things go south.

Florida gambling laws cover all aspects of legal gambling, including casino gambling, casino boats, tribal gambling, Bingo, the state lottery, horse racing, dog racing, and charitable gambling.

Florida residents who are active players on an online casino site, sportsbook, or poker room are less likely to be fined or prosecuted, which brings a sigh of relief. Although you may face prosecution if you launch or run an online gambling site, online activities with real money don’t attract punishment. So far, no resident of the state has ever faced prosecution for gambling online.

Gambling Stats in Florida

Gambling in Florida is only available for people above the age of 18 (in places with no liquor service); otherwise, it is restricted to persons, 21 years and above. The Sunshine State generates an estimated $2 billion in revenue. However, that number took a steep slide in 2019, as the state only made $574.65 million. This low revenue shares a strong tie with Florida’s oddball gaming laws.

Florida features 32 casinos, which includes two cruise lines. It is no surprise that there are several casinos as Florida’s gambling market has a muddled, small-scale structure, with brewing concerns about its burdensome regulations from the Florida Division of Consumer Service – the casino regulatory body. Thus, the market offers no favorable position for Floridians who have interests in opening their gaming venues. On the brighter side, Florida offers some of the best online casino games.

Best Online Poker Sites

Florida is home to an endless list of some of the best poker sites and live poker rooms, with both platforms offering the same optimum gaming experience. With dozens of poker sites in view, there are some parameters to consider in finding the best platform, which will save you time, money, and effort. To begin with, you need to find out:

  1. If the site has an active and valid gambling license.
  2. The betting company’s reputation with regards to customer experience and prompt payouts.
  3. Various poker promotions they provide.
  4. Availability of different US-friendly banking options for customers.
  5. The gaming experience their platforms offer.

Most of these poker sites offer a wide variety of casino games under the following categories: slots games, video poker, table games, and exclusive games. You can enjoy your favorite games like Bangkok Nights, Mermaid’s Quest, Deuces Wild, European Slot Poker, Baccarat, Vegas Three Card Rummy, Bingo, Sudoku, and even European Roulette. For Roulette rules, strategies, and gameplay options, check them out here.

10 Online Sports Betting Tips

To enjoy the best gaming/betting experience and cash out consistently, here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Stick to the best online casino site.
  2. Select casino games that offer users with the lowest house edge.
  3. Division underdogs offer higher winning chances.
  4. Avoid going after your losses based on emotions.
  5. Get the best bonus offer.
  6. Learn a reliable winning strategy.
  7. Avoid going overboard with your stakes. Play within your limits.
  8. Do not play when under the influence of alcohol or other related substances.
  9. Put your emotions in check when winning.
  10. Use the best banking option.

Best Online Casino Banking Option

Bitcoin remains the best online sports betting payment and withdrawal option for the following reasons:

  1. Many online casino sites accept it.
  2. There are no fees.
  3. It helps you maintain anonymity.
  4. The payment process is swift and convenient.
  5. It offers the lowest and highest payment limits.



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