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If You Did ‘Green Coffee Bean Diet’ You May Be Owed Money

Green Coffee Bean Diet Plans were pretty popular a few years ago, but the FTC says most of their weight loss claims were bogus. Now the agency has some $9 million dollars in refunds for consumers who basically just lost weight in their wallets by signing up for the product. Average refund: $47.93. Free Diet Advice: Don’t spend it all at your favorite restaurant.

FTC Sending Refund Checks Totaling More Than $9 Million to Consumers 

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 191,748 refund checks totaling $9,190,842.68 to consumers who bought Pure Health or Genesis Today green coffee bean extract weight-loss supplements. Consumers who purchased the products online will receive a full refund, with the average check totaling $47.93.

Consumers who bought the supplements in a retail store such as Walmart did not receive a check in this mailing. These consumers can file a claim form with the FTC, and may be eligible for a partial refund.

Analytics, the redress administrator for this matter, will begin mailing refund checks to online purchasers today. The checks must be cashed within 60 days or they will become void. Recipients should note that the FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide information before redress checks can be cashed.

If you have questions, please call 1-844-449-3586.

The FTC information is HERE

By Al Sunshine, SouthFloridaReporter.com, Consumer Investigator June 15, 2016 

Al Sunshine is a South Florida-based Broadcast and Digital Journalist whose career has spanned more than 40 years at the local and national levels. His award-winning investigations have triggered more than a dozen state and local consumer protection laws and his work’s been cited in Congressional Testimony before the U-S House of Representatives. He is best known for his “Shame On You” features for CBS Miami which sought to expose businesses, agencies and individuals defrauding or deceiving consumers, as well as endangering the safety and welfare of the general public. In 2013 Al retired from CBS Miami to set up his own Digital News Business, “Sunshine News, LLC” and Al continues to blog for the Radio, Television, Digital News Association, sponsors of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards”. An avid environmentalist, Al is one of the founding members of the “Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition”. The Florida Non-Profit is fighting to save and restore the last 2% of Pine Rocklands found only in South Florida and nowhere else in the continental United States. Al was recently elected its President.