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HulkUSD Reports Why American Media is Against Trump

FILE: U.S. President Donald Trump holds a news conference at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 16, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

There is no doubt whatsoever that since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he has caused a huge amount of controversy. He has become one of those figures that is either loved or hated for his extreme views and offensive comments. It is not just the people of the United States that find Trump to be over the top but also the American Media.

When you watch Fox News Live or any other media channel through sites such as HulkUSD, you will often see derogatory reports about the American president. Donald Trump has certainly given both the media and the American public plenty to talk about when it comes to politics. In fact, while much of the media does appear to hate Trump, which is often reflected in the scathing reports that we see on TV and online, it seems to be something of a love-hate relationship. This is because although the media may hate what the president stands for, they also have plenty of juicy stories to fill their political columns while Trump is at the helm.

Some of the reasons why he is disliked by the media 

So, why is Trump disliked by much of the media in the United States? Well, first off, his far right views have resulted in him being branded a racist by the media. Trump claims he wants to ‘make America great again’ but according to the media his main means of doing this is by slinging out people from other ethnicities and creating his famous ‘wall’.

Like many other politicians and famous people, Trump also plays up to the media when he wants attention but then slates them wholeheartedly when it suits him – something that most media channels are not happy about. In fact, according to reports, Trump has had the audacity to publicly announce that the American public hates the American media, which some may think is rather rich coming from a man that appears to be hated by a large proportion of the American public himself.

Even the major initiatives that the president has come up with since he was voted into power seem to have wound up the media and whipped them into a frenzy. This includes his healthcare reforms and his tax initiatives, which tended to focus more on making the rich richer. Throw into the mix the allegations of fake news being banded around by the president, and it becomes clear that there are plenty of reasons for the American media to have taken a dislike to President Trump.

Of course, this media/president cat and mouse game is likely to continue for as long as Trump is in power, as he is always hitting the headlines for some controversy or another. Even when he is not plastered all over our screens and in print media, he creates his own publicity by taking to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, where he continues to create even more controversy.

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