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HR Software Can Simplify Your Organization’s People Management.


It is no ordinary feat caring for the welfare of an entire workforce of a company. It is not easy to make one person happy and content all the time.

Human resource managers and companies which employ the traditional methods of managing their employees have it harder. Attempting to use multiple systems is no help either. In fact, it may exacerbate the problem as it can be complicated and time-consuming.

Integrating automated HR software makes all these factors easily manageable. ELMO HR software is one such system. It consolidates every aspect of human resource management in one stable platform. It makes people management a smooth and effortless activity rather than being a burden.

Features of ELMO HR Software.

  1. Self-service for all.

The software has an excellent feature called the self-service. It allows all the employees to have access to the system and update their profiles. They can view their pay-slips, payment history, and leave entitlements. They can also submit their leave applications in real-time.

On the other hand, employers and managers can approve the leave applications. It also allows them to generate reports and leave entitlements, and so on.

  1. An integrated system.

The software is fully configurable and integrates with existing systems. This integration is possible with payroll systems, data transfer, apps, and users. However, the software is quite capable of functioning efficiently as a standalone.

It allows the managers to have more flexibility and the ease in collaborating with other teams. The team and managers could be both external and internal. The transfer of data can also be internal or with external vendors.

The software is compatible for use across all platforms, i.e., Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, desktops, and laptops.

  1. Flexibility for managers.

The software configures all the requirements and streamlines it on a dashboard. It allows effective communication between the managers and employees. This single user interface is accessible by everyone for easy and quick notification, reduced cost, and increase in productivity.

The human resource department has better control and insight. The dashboard gives them a complete overview of teams. It results in efficient and fast decision-making and group discussions. This, in turn, gives the hiring managers to focus on other areas of work which increases their productivity,

  1. Organizational charts.

With the use of this HR software, the different roles are clearly defined. The details of the profiles are organized in a tiered chart. This gives a clear indication of the reporting and working relationships in the company.

  1. Remuneration and rewards.

The digital software manages all the employee details, which pertain to their payroll. This includes the working hours, performance, attendance, and leave of absence. Having complete information of the employees make it easy for managers to make decisions effortlessly. Whether it is the monthly paycheck, other benefits, bonus and compensation, managers can review it very quickly in a short amount of time. It also allows them to communicate with each other more efficiently.

  1. Reduced cost of management.

Managing the welfare of hundreds of employees demands a lot of resources, time, and effort. In business terms, all of these translate to financial expenditures. When digital software is engaged for managing the workforce, the expenses on a resource is substantially reduced. Majority of the work is digitized, which makes the job faster. A direct impact of this is a reduced need for physical resources and manpower to manage the intricate details of human resource. This provides time and more energy to effectively manage the people who are the organization’s most precious resource.