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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously (4 Sneaky Ways)


Instagram Stories are one of the platform’s most used features. Maybe it’s because they last for 24 hours, so you should view a friend, client, partner, or any other user’s Story before it disappears? But the thing is, once you’ve viewed it, you appear in the list of “Seen by”.

I’m sure that you also have times when you need to browse a Story without the author seeing you on the list. Whether it’s your partner, a competitor, or an ex, knowing how to take a look at a Story anonymously can be very helpful.

That’s why I’ve written this short and simple guide on how you may view Insta Stories without anyone else knowing: using more traditional ways like an Instagram Story viewer or more tricky ways of browsing.

Trick #1

Swipe back from the next Story

The idea behind this method is as follows: you load the next Story from the one you are interested in and then swipe the screen from left to right to partially open the previous necessary Story. Thus, you will browse a Story, but you won’t be on the “Seen by” list as the Story wasn’t fully opened.

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The main drawback of this viewing way is that you can’t explore videos and more than one Story.

Trick #2

Instagram Story viewer usage

It’s no longer a tricky thing to do but rather one of the most convenient ways of looking at Stories. Such Instagram Story viewer tools are available directly on the Internet after opening a service page through a browser on your device. You don’t need to install them. You just have to choose a viewer service and enter a necessary username in the empty box to discover his or her Stories unnoticed.

Here are examples of such web-based viewers: Gramvio, StoriesIG, StoriesDown, Private photo viewer, My Stalk (requires anonymous registration), Instalkr, etc.

Trick #3

Airplane mode

If you only occasionally desire to anonymously “peek at” someone’s Story, you may use the all-time method — the Airplane Mode phone feature! Why anonymous? Because you are offline when you use this function, you can still view a Story —  and if you are offline, you won’t be on the “Viewers” list. Isn’t that a tricky thing to do!

To enjoy a Story this way, you need to: 

  1. update an Insta feed while still online;
  2. activate the Airplane mode feature on your phone and go back to Insta to, finally, browse the desired Story.

Trick #4

Fake account

It is the last but not highly recommended method. Firstly, it’s the longest way to browse Stories because you have to create and sign up for a new account. Secondly, it is pretty dangerous because IG blocks an account suspected of being fake, and your efforts will be in vain.

This method is suitable if you don’t want to use third-party browsing tools, and anonymous browsing is a pretty common practice for you.

In any case, try to make the account look as natural as possible or you will be blocked.


Just the occasional “peeping into” someone else’s Stories can turn into so-called permanent IG stalking. Please, respect the user and do not make stalking someone else’s account your primary aim.