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How To Spruce Up Your Lawn Before The Holiday Season


Your lawn is commonly the first thing people see when arriving at your property. It can make your guests feel more welcome and enhance your home’s overall appearance. It’s also the most vulnerable part of your property as it’s constantly exposed to various external conditions. So, if you like to decorate their property before the holiday season, you may want to give your lawn a new look.  

After all, it can significantly elevate your holiday spirit if it appears appealing and festive. So, here are some ways you can spruce it up:  

Trim Your Grass  

It may be difficult to refresh your lawn if the grass is in the way. If it’s been a while since you trimmed it, your exterior may look dull or messy. So, if you wish to spruce it up before the holiday season, it’s best to give your lawn a trim. Doing so will provide you with a better view of your lawn and allow you to move around with ease.  

If you have a spacious outdoor area, you may use a lawn mower to trim your grass. This way, you can ensure the cut is even and done quickly. Alternatively, if you need assistance trimming the grass and filling some thin or dry spots to even the appearance of the lawn, you can hire a professional to do the job. For instance, companies like American Grounds Services can help make your lawn more appealing.  

You may also get rid of any old decorations like garden gnomes when tending your lawn if they no longer enhance the appearance of your yard. Once the grass is cut, it’ll be easier for you to redesign your lawn for the holidays.  

Add Some Lights  

There are many ways you can spruce up your lawn for the holidays without spending a fortune. One of these is adding lights to your home exterior. Your property may look dark, especially at night, if all your lights are only inside your home. Also, walking on your lawn at night may be difficult if you can’t see your path. 

Hence, adding lights is an excellent home improvement you can consider. They can make your residence look warmer and more inviting. Additionally, illuminating your path may help reduce accidents like tripping.  

There are various lighting options you can choose from, like pathway lights, spotlights, or small LED lights. You can find ones suitable for outdoor conditions to ensure you won’t encounter problems once installed. 

You can also use string lights or lighted decorations to make your lawn look more festive. For instance, adding twinkling stars on your fence or garden ornaments that light up in the front yard can prepare your home for the holiday season.  

Do Some Landscaping  

Adding decorations to your lawn isn’t the only way to make it more suitable for the holidays. You can also do more complex projects like landscaping to refresh its appearance. So, if you have some budget to spare and wish to remodel your lawn, it may be a great idea to do a landscaping project.  

For instance, you can add different greenery to your lawn to make it more colorful. Bushes, flowers, or outdoor plants are great options that are easy to maintain. These additions would also look nice when decorated with holiday ornaments. So, add them if you want to prepare your house for the holidays. You may also add a path or remodel it, if you already have one, to give your lawn a new look. 

You must work with a professional when conducting a landscaping project since you need to ensure you’re not compromising the soil or your house structure when making changes to the lawn. Also, if you need to dig to install new lawn additions like a garden or stairs, you mustn’t affect other things under the soil, like the water pipes. Damaging them during a remodeling project may cause you problems and also money.  

Add Some Furniture  

You can make various changes to your lawn so you can utilize it. For instance, adding furniture like a few seats or a table would allow you to enjoy the holidays outside your home. 

When adding furniture outdoors, you must find ones that won’t get damaged by various external factors like rain or heat. In some cases, pieces made of wood or metal are great low-maintenance and durable options.  

If you want to add items suitable for the holidays, you may also add a firepit or an outdoor dining area you can use for gatherings. After all, families or friends would commonly gather to celebrate special occasions together. Hence, it’s ideal that your home is ready for group gatherings and has a place where people can relax if you usually have guests during the holiday season.  


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