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How to Sell A House Full Of Furniture Fast in Florida

If you need to get rid of furniture, whether you’re moving out of your college or first apartment and are ready to upgrade, or your other methods haven’t been working, then you are probably preoccupied with getting it out before having to leave your property. But with these tips from the experts at FL Home Buyers, it will be easier for you to sell your furniture so you can move on to your new beginning!

Take Many Clear Photos of Your Furniture

Nowadays there are so many easy-to-use photo apps you can use to edit your images, but don’t go crazy or get intimidated. You can take crystal clear images on your phone and don’t have to edit them in mobile apps such as Photoshop Express. However, editing tools can blur out distractions in the background, increase the exposure of the image if your lighting is too dark, or if you want to increase the texture of the furniture if that really matters. You don’t want to use filters that will mislead buyers or make them question the true color of the furniture. 

Before snapping photos you want to clear your furniture of personal items, dust, and markings. Take pictures from various angles, and both closeup and wide shots so buyers can see textures and markings. 

Really unsure how to make your furniture look flattering? Photographers and lighting designers know that the most complimentary light is either the time after sunrise or just before sunset, called Golden Hour. That’s why a lot of photoshoots are held during these hours. You can take advantage of this pro tip by moving furniture in front of windows during these times to envelope them in radiant light.

Give Detailed Descriptions With Photos

They’re not going to take the time to email you for more information if anything in your photos is vague; they will simply move on to another buyer. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know about a piece you are purchasing? Be sure to give information such as what materials it is made of, who made it, and whether or not you’ve lived with pets or smokers while you’ve owned it.

Determine Your Furniture’s Value

Compare your furniture with what you see online, in stores, and reselling on websites such as Craigslist. Make an honest assessment of your furniture. Are there scratches, holes, stains, or dents? Those will reduce what you can charge. However, your furniture’s value is also determined by style, designer, and uniqueness.

Custom-made furniture is harder to sell sometimes because it is meant to fit a specific space or environment, so emphasize its usefulness and other positive qualities when selling. You can also check your prices online.

Timing Is Everything

It happens – sometimes plans change or things happen, and you need to leave quickly. You will want to consider asking for a lower price in order to sell it in a short time frame. That’s why if you have the ability to take your time selling your furniture, then start doing it immediately.

You should have items listed online between four to six weeks of vacating the premises. This gives you time to repost ads, take new pictures or edit older ones to make them more appealing, and negotiate prices. It also takes the stress out of scheduling and planning around pickup times.