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How to Replace Locks in Exterior Doors

Typically, when people move into a newly purchased home, one of the first thing they do is to replace the existing lock with a new one. Exterior doors play a vital role in providing security for your home, so that is a recommended thing to ensure your belongings are secure.

Exterior Doors Toronto has some tips for people who want to install their own locks.

Tools You Require for The Job.

The DIY project is not expensive, and you don’t need a lot of tools. The budget usually is low, but that then will depend on the type of door lock and how many locks you are replacing. Approximately, it should cost you between $50-$100.

You need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Cordless drill
  • Claw hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Twist drill bits

The materials that you will need are deadbolts and doorknobs. If you bought the home, it is recommended you replace the entire lock.

Buy New Entry Door Locks

The standard entry door lock will cost you somewhere between $15-$50. If you are considering to install high-security locks, you will pay as high as $600 or even more.

Tips to Facilitate Installation Process

You can cut the amount of time needed to install your locks on your exterior doors if you buy the same type of locks as the existing ones. This will not require you to create new holes.

To DIY, Follow These Steps:

Step One: Get Rid of The Old Door Lock

You should do this when you have purchased your new exterior doors locks so that you don’t expose your home to potential intruders.

Unscrew the doorknobs on the inside. After removing the knobs, take out the latch and use your screwdriver to remove the nails.

Step Two; Install the New Lock

  • Start by inserting the new latch piece and ensure that it is facing the right position.
  • Adjust the latch to make sure the holes where you will insert the knobs are open.
  • Insert the new knobs and connect them to the latch. Secure them into place using the nails or screws.
  • Tighten the screws and then secure the strike plate.

Step 3: Test the New Lock

Once you have secured the plate, the next step is to test the door. Open your door from the inside and then from the outside and see whether it is opening correctly. Listen and see whether it is making any sounds as it opens. The doorknobs should be held in place and not loose.

Finally, throw away the old keys, so they don’t mix with the new ones and confuse you. It is advised to duplicate the new keys, just in case you lose the ones you have.



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