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How to Pick NFL Fantasy Football Podcasts


You probably know that the further we progress into the 21st century, the more content appears. That applies to virtually any media source. You can find more TV shows than ever to watch. There’s more music to discover than ever, and there are more podcasts out every day as well. You can’t listen to every podcast, either, whether you like true crime, politics or anything else. If you play fantasy football, though, you’ll likely want to look into some podcasts to see which ones you’ll like.

How can you pick the right fantasy football podcast, though? So many of them exist, and most of them have different formats and focal points. Some come out every week, while others might drop every single day. Each one has different guests, hosts, and decidedly different flavors.

Let’s talk about what you might enjoy in a fantasy football podcast and what you may want to avoid.

Does the Podcast Entertain You?

Some people listen to fantasy football podcasts just because they want to know who to start that week. If that’s why you listen, it’s fine. However, you can also watch any of the many shows about fantasy football on TV. You can get opinions from both amateurs and professionals.

You probably want to find a fantasy football podcast that entertains as well as informs. You might find one that has some hosts on there who you like to hear bantering back and forth. Just like any good talk show with multiple hosts, you want to hear the rapport between them that comes out once they latch onto a topic and start offering their contrasting opinions.

If you find a podcast that seems dry and boring, you likely won’t want to listen to it for long, even if you like the fantasy football advice that it gives you. You will probably want to keep shopping around for a podcast that hooks you the moment you start listening.

Does the Podcast Inform You?

If you find a podcast entertaining, but you feel like the hosts get everything wrong each week, you might want to go with another option. Most fantasy football players who listen to podcasts try to find a balance between entertainment and information.

You want some fun back-and-forth host interactions. If you can tell the hosts don’t know much about fantasy football or the sport in general, though, you likely won’t want to waste your time with it every week.

You should listen to podcasts that give you excellent strategies that allow you to potentially win some of your games. No one likes losing at fantasy football, and your podcast should prep you when decision time comes, and you select the starters who will take the field for you.

Guest Stars

Many podcasts like to bring on guest stars on certain weeks, or even every week in some instances. Maybe you’ll want to choose a fantasy football podcast to follow that has famous guest stars. You might prefer one with comedians on it every week who crack jokes and add some frivolity to the proceedings.

Other podcasts will bring on sports stars with recognizable names. They might bring on hockey, soccer, or basketball stars instead of football players. Maybe they’ll bring on wrestlers or MMA fighters. Some podcasts even bring on football players from other leagues besides the NFL, like the Canadian football league or the XFL.

Whether the podcast you like brings on sports stars, comedians, actors, or anyone else, you should enjoy spending some time listening to them. If the podcast often features someone who grates on your nerves, you might want to go with another pick before long.

Some guests will allow their political leanings or other unpleasant or polarizing topics to enter the conversation. That’s almost always going to lead to you going with another option. If you wanted to hear about that kind of thing, you’d pick another podcast category altogether.

The Format

You’ll also probably want to select a podcast based on the format and how well you like it. Just like any TV show, a podcast should have a structure, likely the same one every week, or close to it. You might look forward to particular segments and want to hear them every time you tune in.

Each week, a podcast you like might feature some sleeper picks. The hosts and guests will tell you picks they think aren’t getting enough attention that week but who they think you should start. They might talk about the best quarterback to start that week, or the best running back, wide receiver, or tight end.

They will probably take some time to talk about any NFL news. They might talk about the league in more general terms before they launch into the fantasy side of pro football. They may speak about a controversial topic, like a star receiving a suspension and whether it’s justified or not.

They might talk about trade possibilities or which team will win their division. If you like fantasy football, you probably enjoy pro football, period. You might want to hear all about what’s going on in the league before the podcast’s hosts get into who to sit and start.

Most people only have limited listening time, though. They need to work, spend time with their families, and fulfill various other obligations. 

Because of that, you may only have time to pick one or two podcasts to enjoy. Make sure you choose ones where you like the hosts, the format, the entertainment, and the informative value the podcast provides.



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