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How To Make An Employee’s Birthday Special At Work


Birthdays are special for a lot of people. As an effective boss or leader, you should make employees feel special during their birthdays. Employees need to feel that their efforts are appreciated for them to be motivated at work.

If you’re a boss who’s managing many employees, make your employees feel special during their birthdays. An employee’s birthday only comes once a year so you should exert extra time and effort to make this day special.

Making an employee’s birthday special at work is actually easy. Office birthday ideas on SnackNation and other online resources can provide you with a handful of tips.

To help you narrow down your search, consider trying out these tips:

  1. Sugar, Sugar, And More Sugar!

All employees deserve a treat on their birthdays. Take the time to know if the celebrant likes peanut butter cups, cookies, or both. You can buy these sweets before the employee reports for work and place these on their desks.

If the employee is a part of a big team in the company, ask the team members to bring in sweets, as well. Everyone will have an enjoyable day since they took part in celebrating an employee’s birthday!

  1. Show Gratitude By Letting The Entire Team Write A Note

The company can’t function without employees. They’re basically the components that keep a company operating for years. Aside from looking for great ways to invest in yourself, utilize birthdays to show how you appreciate an employee.

A birthday can be a great time for you to show how grateful you are to these employees. Simply print out or make a birthday card for an employee and have the entire team write down their messages. These messages don’t have to be long – two sentences can be enough to show your gratitude to someone!

  1. Decorate The Employee’s Desk

If you have the time and interest in DIY projects, decorate the employee’s desk before they come into work. Depending on the celebrant’s preference or favorite, you can fill their desks with pictures of their favorite celebrities, funny artworks from their children, favorite birthday cakes, or colorful balloons. You can even leave a small gift or note on the desk for a more personal touch.

  1. Give Them A Gift Card

Are you aware of the passion and interests of your employees? Do they love cooking or sewing? To celebrate an employee’s special day, give them a gift card as a birthday gift. Just make sure that the gift card you’re going to give is suitable to the interests of the employee. Don’t give a Starbucks gift card when the employee isn’t a fan of caffeinated drinks.

  1. Take Them Out For A Meal

Birthdays will always be special once there’s food involved. If you want to celebrate an employee’s birthday in a unique way, take them out for a meal instead of bringing food to the office. The former option can be more personal and allows you to bond with the employee. If you’re leaning towards this direction, let the employee decide where to eat.

  1. Ask Help From Their Friends And Family

If you really want to take it up a notch, ask help from the employee’s friends and family. You can secretly talk to them so you can organize a surprise party at work or have them record videos to greet the employee. Talking with the employee’s friends and family can also provide insight into what the employee really wants for their birthdays.

  1. Give Them The Spotlight

Birthdays only come once a year, so it’s best if you do everything you can to showcase an employee. Aside from coming up with a surprise party for them, give them the spotlight during this day. You can do this by posting their pictures on your business’s social media profiles or posting the team’s greetings on your business’s bulletin boards.

  1. Give Them The  Day Off

Birthdays should be spent with people who are dear to the celebrant. More often than not, employees would want to spend their birthdays with their friends and family. If the employee doesn’t have too many workloads during their birthdays, give them the day off. You can let them spend this special day with their friends and family. You’ll be surprised how this privilege can energize an employee to work on the next day! 

Think Long-Term

Birthdays are special for a lot of people. But as an effective boss or leader, you shouldn’t only make employees feel special during their birthdays – this effort should last all year round. Your little efforts can have big effects for them, and for sure, these efforts will keep them motivated to work with you in the years to come!


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