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How To Keep Sofa Covers In Place? 4 Best Hacks

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

I just got a new couch cover and it keeps sliding off the couch. What can I do?

Slipping couch covers are annoying, but they don’t have to ruin the look of your couch. The best couch covers for slipping are microfiber couch covers with taut fabrics – couch cover clips or furniture gripper pins will keep them in place well. If your couch slips for any other reason (for example, because of its design), you’ll need a different solution that we’ll discuss in another article.

Here are four simple solutions to keep couch covers in place:

1) Find Something Heavy

The easiest way of keeping couch covers in place is by placing something heavy on top of them. Use anything older or heavier than your couch cover you want to hold down – for example, books, thick blankets and even some plants. With time, these items will dig into the couch cover’s fabric and help keep it from moving around.

2) Use

You can buy specially made gripper pins that work as anchors for your couch covers. They will prevent couch covers from slipping and sliding and keep them firmly in place. Use two or three pins for couch covers that slide along the couch easily, but be careful: these pins can damage your couch if you decide to take the cover off without removing the gripper pins first.

3) Sew-On Clips

There are special clips meant to attach fabrics together so they won’t move around when you let go of them. You can sew these on yourself or get a professional to do it for you. The great thing about couch cover clips is that they’re not visible, which means that your couch will look no different than before and nobody will suspect something’s different under there. These clips work best if your couch cover is only slipping a little bit. Also, couch covers with taut fabrics work best for couch cover clips.

4) Use a Staple Gun

The staple gun is your ultimate weapon against couch covers that slide around! Make sure you have a rubber mat or any soft surface before using the staple gun – accidentally hitting hard surfaces can hurt! Take out the couch cover and place it on the surface to prevent damage.

Staple one corner of the couch covers first, then move to another corner. Do this until all four corners are stapled tightly together to keep them in place. Once you’re done, smooth out the couch cover to make it look as neat as possible and enjoy your couch without worrying about pesky sliding again!

These tricks can help you keep couch covers in place for good. You can even use them on couch cushions and chairs! Of course, if your couch constantly slips and slides around due to its design (for example, microfiber couch with flat surfaces), you’ll need a different solution – we’ll get into that in another article.

Sew couch cover clips to the underside of your couch cover or use furniture gripper pins at the corners to prevent sliding when the couch is pushed back or repositioned. If your couch cover is taut, couch cover clips are the best way to keep it in place.

Sew couch cover clips along all four corners of your couch cover to keep it firmly in position on the couch. Clip any excess fabric so you’ll be able to put your couch cover back on without difficulty later.

Staple couch covers together with a staple gun if they’re constantly slipping off the couch due to their design (for example, microfiber couch with flat surfaces). Staple at least one side first, and then move on to another corner until all four edges are attached securely. When you’re done stapling, smooth out the couch cover as much as possible to make it look neat and tidy again.