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How To Improve Your Marine Fuel Efficiency

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Gas prices aren’t just tough on drivers, but on boaters as well. Fuel for your boat can seriously eat into your budget for summer and water fun, so let us help with our tips for improving your marine fuel efficiency!

Keep Your Boat Clean

A boat’s fuel efficiency comes from its ability to cut through the water like a knife, but it can’t do that if its hull and propellor aren’t clean. Antifouling your boat’s hull is vital to keeping it slick and quick on the water.

Pro Tip: You should antifoul the hull of your boat once or twice a year, depending on how often it’s in the water.

Your boat’s prop is the same—it needs to be polished and whole with no cracks or dents to do its job correctly. If your prop is dented or cracked, it’s probably time for a new one. Remember—a clean boat is a fast and efficient boat!

Lighten the Load

We all understand that the heavier a boat weights, the more power it’ll take to get it moving and the more fuel it’ll burn. But when was the last time you went through and decluttered and cleaned the inside of your boat?

Boats are like cars and homes; they can accumulate stuff and weight over the years without you even noticing! Clear out everything you don’t need for your next trip on your boat, from old fishing gear to watersports equipment. You might also want to consider upgrading or replacing some of your boat’s equipment, as less weight and better fuel efficiency are benefits of switching to a lithium iron phosphate battery!

Tune the Engine

A boat’s engine runs its best and is most efficient when it’s been finely tuned. When was the last time you brought your engine in for a check-up and tuning?

Experts recommend that you bring your boat’s engine to a professional at least once a year to ensure everything is running correctly and it’s tuned for efficiency.

Cut Out the Drag

You don’t have to be an aerodynamics expert to understand that the more drag on your boat, the less efficient it’ll be! Ideally, your boat is drag-free and can cut through the wind seamlessly with nothing holding it back.

If your boat has a canvas or Bimini top, take it down and put it away while you’re moving to reduce air drag and help your motor save fuel.

Use a Fuel-Flow Meter

One of the best ways to improve your marine fuel efficiency is by utilizing a fuel-flow meter. A fuel-flow meter tells you how many gallons per hour your boat is burning, so you can find your boat’s ideal speed and trim for maximum efficiency.

Most new boats already come with them, but if you’ve got an older boat, they’re affordable and straightforward to install and can end up paying you dividends.


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