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How to Find the Best Dog Walker in California


Tired of trying to find the best dog walker in California? We have researched over 20 of the top dog walking companies and compiled a list of the top five dog services businesses. Keep reading to find out which of the top five dog walkers in California are most suitable for your furry friend.

360 Dog Walker

Our number one pick for the best dog walker in California is 360 Dog Walker. This company was established in 2015 with the main aim to provide elite dog walking services for high-end clients. They are the only off-leash dog walking company based in San Francisco, CA. The owner, Nancy Bernard is one of the few dog walkers in California who has extensive experience with not only dog walking, but also professional dog training. She was trained by the country’s best trainers and is always up-to-date with the latest dog training education. 360 Dog walker is highly recommended especially if you’re interested in giving your dog the best of the best services available.


In 2015, when Wag launched, the endorsement put this company in front of a vast audience. And its excellent services helped it to stand out against competitors immediately. The walks rates start at $15 and are ordered in half-hour or one-hour time blocks. Owners with more than one dog only pay $5 per dog per walk. All dog walkers are background checked and insured, and you can check your dog’s availability at a real-time location in-app. After the visit, owners can get photos, bathroom updates, and report cards. Wag also offers daycare, boarding, overnight stays, and drop-ins. Wag also donate to the rescue bank of GreaterGood.org, an organization that provides food for shelter dogs.


Those looking for a personalized experience may prefer it to traditional dog walking services, as the Holidog acts as a middleman between dog owners and dog lovers. In addition to walks, Holidog offers sitting, boarding, and in-home visits, and check walkers’ profiles before approval.

Dog walkers set their rates; the owners can search the site for free. You will pay a small fee whenever you book, but you can save by signing up for a membership that covers everything except the individual rates of the dog walker. Because every walker decides to accept your assignment, book early; it can take up to 24 hours for many people to respond to a booking.

Barkly Pets

The Barkly’s Pets in Washington, D.C., was founded when three friends, Chris Gonzalez, Dave Comisky, Jim Camut, and a neighbor, realized they needed help with their dogs. Depending on the location, half-hour walk rates start from $15 – $22, with $5 for an additional pet. An hour’s walk costs about ً$30. Barkly pets offer personalized training for each dog walker.

The dog owners can choose from multiple profiles of dog walkers, or the company can assign them. Run hours are between 6 am – 10 pm; the walker will look at a personalized checklist of the dog created by the dog owner like medicine, a favorite toy, and a special note for each dog. And with the Android and iOS apps, owners can review the updates and photos of dogs provided throughout the walk.


Fetch Pet Care connects dog owners with sitters based on their individual needs. Across the country, they are assisting busy pet owners. Before you make a reservation, an in-house consultation comes free of charge before the first appointment helps you and the dog get to know the dog walker.

Once the scheduled walk has started, owners can get texts, calls, and a post-sitting report card to keep dog owners informed about their dog’s care in real-time. Individual walks cost range from $18 – $24 per visit. Fetch offers overnight care, dog training, and a pet taxi for pet trips. Each walker’s background is checked, and the company reserves an extra sitter for each reservation if your dog needs a different walk.


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