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How To Find LED Screen Rental In Florida

Have an upcoming event in Florida? Looking for an LED screen for your next event? Well, if this is your first time planning one, there are many LED display options in the market.

Factors To Consider When Looking For LED Screen Rental Florida

When hosting a large event, making sure that the audience gets to see everything that happens on the stage should be your number one priority. Take your time and put the following essential elements into consideration when selecting your LED screen in order to land a display that gives you value for your money.

1. Nature Of Event (Indoor Or Outdoor)

Atmospheric conditions can play a significant role in determining the kind of LED screen you are going to hire. For instance, it can get scorching during summer in Miami, so some event organizers may decide to have their events indoors to prevent the baking heat. A similar trend may be observed during the wet, rainy months. 

Regardless, it would be wise to have a screen that works both indoors and outside. Alternatively, consult with an LED screen professional to make sure that your display suits your type of event because there are some notable differences between indoor and outdoor screens. 

Indoor LED displays are not weatherproof and are much smaller than their outdoor counterparts. Outdoor screens are weatherproof and much larger. Your provider for LED screen rental in Miami should be able to provide this information so you can make an informed decision based on your event’s type. 

2. Mobility 

Another important aspect to consider when searching for LED screen rental Florida is flexibility. Sometimes, it is good to invest in a display that can be moved easily, especially if you are just hosting a day’s event. 

The best thing about a mobile LED display is that it can easily be trucked around and it is effortless to set up and takedown. If you have an event where people will moving around like a marathon or golf tournament, this kind of display would be perfect. 

3. Size

LED screens come in different sizes, and with jumbotrons (several LED screens put together to form a wall) becoming more and more popular, you can have your display customized to your desired size. The size you go for will depend on the type of event you are hosting and sometimes, your personal preference. 

If you are setting up for a movie night, for instance, a 12ft. by 7 ft. screen should be enough, while a professional concert like a music festival, fundraiser, or sporting event may require something like a 25 ft. by 18 ft. backdrop. 

4. Pixel Pitch

Also known as dot pitch, pixel pitch determines how clear the image appears on the LED screen, based on the viewer’s distance. It is the distance between two adjacent pixels, measured in millimeters.

The viewing distance of your LED display will be dictated by the pixel pitch of the screen you choose. An LED wall, like a concert backdrop for instance, will require a higher dot pitch because of its large size and also due to the distance of the audience viewing. 

Lower pixel pitches, on the other hand, will be great for a closer viewing distance. If you are hosting an indoor event of say, less than 50 people, you may consider a lower-pitched screen. 

5. Crowd Size

How big of an audience are you expecting? How you answer this question will help you determine the size of LED display you will need. You can get this information from your ticket pre-sale numbers. 

The bigger the audience, the more crucial it will be for you to find out the pixel pitch, resolution, and size of the screen you need for the day. Some of this information can be found online, so just Google it up before you begin looking for LED screen rental Miami. That way, you won’t be too green when the rental service provider starts explaining these things to you. 

6. Pricing 

As much as you would like the event-goers to have a display of a lifetime, renting a screen that is beyond your budget can be disastrous. It is therefore important to consider the rental charges and take advantage of any discounts offered by your company of choice. 

Also, remember that the cost of installation may vary depending on the type of screen you choose. Some can be set up easily by you, while some will require professional installation. Generally, easier installations will always cost you less because you won’t have to seek outside help. 

If you can, go for a display system that is good enough for your audience, yet easy enough to assemble. These days, event equipment rental companies are offering easy installation options that even non-professionals can use effortlessly. 

7. Additional Services And Equipment

Once you have searched for LED screen rental and landed your screen of choice, the next thing you need to find out is the extra services offered by your rental company. Remember setting up an LED screen requires skilled personnel. 

Find out whether the company includes such personnel in the package or you will be required to pay extra. Since you don’t have time to master all the technical mumbo jumbo required to put up the system, making sure that you have the after-sale services you need for it is essential. 

Don’t forget to ask about any additional equipment you might need. For example, you may need a portable generator if the venue doesn’t have a reliable power source. So, find out if the company will be bringing its own power backup and whether this will attract extra charges.