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How To Find Free And Cheap eBooks


In a world where the notion of a personal library has evolved from paperbacks to digital prints, the idea of paying for eBooks is gradually but certainly diminishing. Thanks to the limitless supply of free eBooks from stores like Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, to name just a few – creating your digital library is an investment that won’t empty your pockets.

That being said, finding free and cheap eBooks is simple if you know where to look. So here is a comprehensive list of all the places you can scavenge for eBook titles free of cost.

Barnes & Noble

When it comes to purchasing a book, be it an eBook, a paperback or a hardcover, Barnes & Noble is the go-to store for thousands of bookworms. Housing a massive collection of diverse genres, from historical fiction to the latest YA titles, Barnes & Noble is the perfect place for thrifty bibliophiles who want to pile up their TBRs without breaking the bank.

If you own the Nook eReader or download the free Nook app to your tablet/smartphone, you can get uninterrupted access to an extensive library of free eBooks. Furthermore, if you spot a title in the “Paid” section of the store, you can apply the latest Barnes & Noble coupons to get your eBook at half its price!

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Amazon Kindle Store

Similar to Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle is a pioneer in the digital reading universe. For those who own the Kindle eReader (retailing at $59.99 onwards), or even the Free app, Amazon offers an assorted collection of eBooks that are available to read for free, with no hidden charges whatsoever.

The company also has a Kindle Unlimited subscription service that works like Netflix for book titles! Once you sign-up for the subscription (free trial for 30-Days then $9.99/month), you can unlock access to more than 1 million book titles, magazines, and audiobooks that are available at no additional charge!

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo is a Canada-based company that sells eBooks, audiobooks, and eReaders. From Jane Austen Classics to Harry Potter Series – Kobo operates with a distinguished library that is comprehensive of every mood and age group.

You can find custom-made collections in the Kobo library that highlight the works of Black Authors, books made into movies, gripping page-turners, and many more – which make the experience of finding your next read more enjoyable. If you don’t own a Kobo eReader (retailing at $99 onwards), you can download the free Kobo App for Android, IOS, Desktop & Mac to get your hands on free eBooks and audiobooks.

Apple Books Store

For all iPhone and iPad users (or any other Apple device for that matter), Apple Books is your answer to a wholesome digital reading experience. With thousands of free eBook titles, Apple houses everything from Classics to Non-fiction to Thrillers, and more.

The app has a beautiful and minimal UI that makes digital reading easy, fun, and of course, affordable. Plus, you don’t need any special subscriptions to access free eBooks – just an Apple device (the app comes pre-installed with all).

Google Books Store

If there is an Apple Books Store for IOS users, Google Books Store is the free eBook source for millions of Android users. Similar to the Apple Book Store, Google also has a free eBook section where users can download free eBooks directly to their phones at zero cost.

You can browse for self-help books, graphic novels, mysteries, science fiction, poetry, and much more. The Google Books Store also has a section dedicated to ratings and reviews where you can see what other people think about the titles you wish to read.

Free eBook Websites

Free eBook websites have been around for decades, but the primary challenge has always been authenticity. Nonetheless, many genuine free eBook websites have a beautiful interface and don’t send ad pop-ups every time you click on a Book title.

Websites like Open Library, Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, BookBub, and many more are known for their credible collection of free eBooks that are compatible with all devices, including eReaders. These websites are equally functional on a desktop computer, as they are on a tablet or smartphone screen.

For voracious bibliophiles who can never choose one book when stepping outside the house, eBooks are a divine sanction. And whether you download eBooks from free websites or get free trials for unlimited reading – expanding your digital library is now affordable! So if free is your favorite price to pay for eBooks, make sure to check out these eBook stores and create your very own portable digital reading world.