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How To Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels


Did you know solar panels have an average life expectancy? Get the most bang for your buck by learning how you can extend the life of your solar panels. Eventually, the panels will need replacing, but in the meantime, use the following tips to help make the devices last longer.

Perform Regular Inspections

The best way to stay on top of the functionality of your solar panels is to perform regular inspections. Doing so allows you to spot potential defects and issues that arise the longer you use the panels. Keep an eye out for cracks, loose racks, damaged panels, and exposed wiring. In addition, the manufacturer you bought the panels from most likely has a warranty for the device; ensure you are taking advantage of this warranty until the contract runs out.

Clean the Panels

Debris, snow, dust, and dirt will all find their way onto your solar panels, and this can be a huge problem if you do not clean them often. This debris will block the panels from absorbing most of the sun and therefore minimize the output of electricity you will generate that day. Check up on your panels every so often and clean away the dirt and grime for peak performance and damage prevention.

Use Backup Batteries

Solar panel systems have storage where electricity and energy the device saves electricity. Having backup batteries reduces the load on your solar panels and gives an additional place for energy storage. Choosing batteries that you can swap out also increases the efficiency of the solar panels and allows you to save more energy in the long run.

Strategically Place the Panels

You strategically place any non-roof solar panels in areas of your yard that receive the most sunlight. While this might not extend the life of the solar panels completely, it will ensure you are getting the most use from them until you need to replace them. Avoid a hassle and have the mindset to place the panels in sections where they will get sunlight year-round.

Luckily, many solar panels do have a long life. Find a manufacturer that will give you a warranty on the devices so that you always have a backup plan in place. Take diligent care of the devices to make them long-lasting and beneficial additions to your property.




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